Digital Content Creation

Create impactful digital training

Management vs Creation

  1. It is important to distinguish the content transfer on a digital platform from the creation of digital content.
  2. New web platforms make it easy to transfer content and resources (for example, uploading animated files) and organize them into stories with chapters, but rarely create them directly on the tool.

The pedagogical effectiveness of the content

  1. Pedagogical effectiveness is the encounter between the mastery of a skill (expertise) and the structuring work that facilitates its transmission (pedagogy).
  2. ITTA works with digital platforms that simplify the pedagogical effort, by proposing a framework guaranteeing a real increase in competence: the contents are finely divided by objectives, courses, modules and finally pedagogical grains centered on the practical application.
  3. Training effectively will always take a certain amount of time to create quality educational content, even with the most ergonomic platform.

Entrust us the development of specific modules

  1. Our goal is to save time and facilitate the creation of effective content on the basis of scientifically based principles, our teams of consultants, trainers, educational engineers, graphic designers, Flash / HTML5 programmers and developers are at your disposal to analyze your request and offer you the most adapted pedagogical approach.