Migration Software Project

How to ensure a successful IT migration


  1. An information system is also composed of personnel, the training of the resssources as the technical teams, the Service Desk and the end users is essential. 
  2. The training, often treated separately, must however be taken into account as well as the technical aspects of the project since it accompanies each phase of implementation of the migration.

ITTA approach

To ensure the success of the training project, we take care in preparing the project analysis of the customer environment

  1. Creation of tailor-made training (adapt the training to the populations as well as its availability: Face-to-face, modules development, e-learning , etc.
  2. Definition of a training plan aligned with the IT deployment plan
  3. Information of the HR, IT and participants

Pricing Model

  1. Since each project is made to measure, the pricing varies as much as the complexity of the project and the means implemented to achieve it.
  2. The pricing constraint is an integral part of the migration training project and also conditions its realization.
  3. A project is too expensive if its return on investment is limited.