Room rental

Book a spacious and modern room


Focusing on instructors and participants, ITTA offers an exceptional user experience by providing an optimized pedagogical and technological environment, we want to offer the best learning conditions to our customers so that they can train and learn without worrying about their environment. 
​​​​​​​They benefit from spacious air-conditioned rooms, new computer equipment and several relaxation areas. Our examination center has been modernized and even better soundproofed creating a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to concentration.

Solution Advantages

  1. Premises accessible by public transport

  2. Large bright and air-conditioned rooms equipped with PCs, Beamer and Flipcharts

  3. Powerful and modern PCs

  4. Mini PCs under Citrix HDX allowing access to our rooms in Virtual classroom mode

  5. Very high speed internet access in each training room

  6. Wifi access in rest areas and cafeterias

  7. On-site technical support for troubleshooting and optimizing infrastructure

  8. Rest areas, cafeterias and restorations available

How to book a room

  1. Please send us an email by clicking  this link

  2. We will contact you to study together your request

  3. We offer the right services according to your needs

  4.  We reserve the room and we take care of the technical installation

Pricing Model

We practice a price per day according to different criteria:

  1. The size and equipment of the room
  2. Associated services (Installation of images, catering ...)
  3. The number of days
  4. The booking period

Well located training centers

ITTA premises create an optimal learning atmosphere in a pleasant space equipped with quality, modern and efficient equipment. Our three campuses are ideally located in Geneva and Lausanne, easily accessible by public transport and by car. Training is also available via a Virtual Classroom system which offers an easy and convenient alternative to our classroom courses.

Campus Genève

CAMPUS GENEVE - Headquarters

The main ITTA campus is located at the headquarters in Geneva, we are close to the La Praille shopping center.

Campus  Lausanne - Le Flon


The Lausanne Le Flon campus is located on Place du Flon and has an ideal location for relaxation.

Campus Genève


The Lausanne Mon Repos Campus is located opposite the Parc Mon Repos in a green area, and has a breathtaking view.