Training engineering

Effective training plan design


The analysis, the advice, the preparation of a training project are all works of educational engineering, which make up the training engineering.
We explain our project methodology beforehand, we present our experiences, we listen and analyse your needs, understand your expectations, issues and objectives, but we show you above all how we propose to respond.

Solution Advantages

  1. Extremely detailed proposals
  2. A clear and well-documented educational process
  3. Blended learning methods for optimal results
  4. Innovative tools (Elearning, role plays, interactive exercises, serious games, ...)
  5. Adapted delivery formats (Presentations, Lunch & Learn, Kiosk, Floor Walking, ...)

How it works

Our team of consultants takes care of everything

  1. Discovery phase: To understand your context, your needs and your corporate culture, we identify the most suited consultant for the project.
  2. Concept Design Phase: Together, we define the most appropriate content, tools, and teaching methods, the modalities and their sequencing over time.
  3. The pilot sessions: In some cases the pilot sessions are essential since they make it possible to validate the contents, the durations and to propose possible adjustments.
  4. The roll-out phase: We roll out the training plan and adapt it "in real time" as needed
  5. Follow-up: We analyze each intervention through surveys and participants feedback. We send you a project summary systematically.

Pricing Model

  1. Since each project is made to measure, the pricing varies as much as the complexity of the project and the means implemented to achieve it.
  2. The pricing constraint is an integral part of the tailor-made training project and also conditions its realization.
  3. A project is too expensive if its return on investment is limited.