Skills assessment

Evaluate your know-how


In the context of a professional activity change, a change of position in your company, find a job or simply know his state of knowledge, skills analysis is a step not to neglect. Defining this gap accurately allows you to optimize the learning time needed to reach the goal and maximize the return on investment of a training.

Solution Advantages

  1. Measure your state of knowledge on a domain from your current situation
  2. Define realistic and achievable training objectives
  3. To regain self-confidence
  4. Maximize the return on investment of a training

How to perform this analysis

  1. Definition of objectives: this "investigation" phase allows you to analyze your motivations, identify your project and determine your learning objectives.
  2. Assessment of the state of knowledge: this phase allows you to gauge your starting level using computerized tools, exchanges with trainers or multiple choice questions.
  3. Training plan: we establish a realistic training plan while planning the stages of its implementation according to the constraints of the participant.
  4. At the end of the analysis: You will receive a summary document accompanied by the detailed results of the evaluation and the appropriate training plan.

Pricing Model

The price of this type of benefit varies depending on the subject, the number of participants and the proposed evaluation format.
We then practice a price according to the method and the time of implementation of the analysis.
Our assessment methods allow you to address all these issues:

  1. Individual or small group evaluation by interviews
  2. Observation at the employee's desk
  3. Questionnaires and skills test
  4. Online assessment platform