Training: Master the process of developing a PSSI

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Like its other resources (financial, physical, human), information (strategic, operational) has become an important resource for any organization. Dependence on the information system can reach 85% in organizations with more than 500 employees. In addition, in the current environment of organizations characterized by an increasing number of interconnections, information is increasingly exposed and vulnerable. Information System security has therefore become a major concern. In this context and given the importance of the challenges for the organization, the complexity of the processes, the effectiveness of the protection of the information system cannot be based on a simple juxtaposition of “ready to use” security measures. But on a global, exhaustive, systemic approach based on studying its context, determining its security needs (business, regulatory and legal obligations), analyzing the risks to which its sensitive resources are exposed, identifying of its security objectives and their implementation into security measures, the implementation of which will eliminate the risks or reduce them to a level acceptable to the organization. All of the components (challenges, security needs, threats, security rules) of this approach constitute the Information System Security Policy (PSSI). Information and information system security is becoming a major and strategic issue. This is why each organization must have an information system security policy (PSSI).

Participant profiles

  • Anyone wishing to master the process of developing an Information Systems Security Policy
  • Business Directors
  • RSSI
  • IS project managers
  • Security Consultants and Engineers


  • Understand the role of the information systems security policy definition document, its global scope and its necessary updating
  • Know the expected characteristics of an information system, in terms of security
  • Know the existence of methods for setting up a PSSI including security rules, based on a reference model
  • Adapt their behaviors and those of their team in accordance with the institution’s PSSI, in their particular sector of activity


  • Have basic knowledge of information systems security

Course content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Why a PSSI?

 Module 2: Presentation and role of the PSSI

  • PSSI definitions and purposes
  • Areas of application of the PSSI
  • Place of the PSSI in the documentary repository
  • Basis of legitimacy of the PSSI

 Module 3: General approach to developing a PSSI

  • Prior risk analysis.
  • Phase 0: Prerequisites
  • Phase 1: Development of strategic elements
  • Phase 2: Selection of principles and drafting of rules
  • Phase 3: Finalization.
  • Part 4: General approach to developing a PSSI

 Module 4: Application of the PSSI

  • Introduction
  • Awareness and communication
  • Behavioral adaptation

 Module 5: Model plan and examples of PSSI

  • Typical plan of a PSSI
  • Examples of PSSI


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

Set of lectures and exercises covering the parts of the program:

  • Practical exercises based on a case study

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