Training: HERMES 5.1 to HERMES 2022 – Upgrade

Ref. HERMES-03


This training is specifically designed for individuals who have obtained HERMES 5.1 certification and highlights the latest advancements in HERMES 2022. Its objective is to effectively prepare HERMES 5.1 certified professionals for the HERMES 2022 foundation certification.

Participant profiles

  • Individuals who are certified in HERMES 5.1 Foundation and wish to obtain HERMES 2022 Foundation certification


  • Upgrade from HERMES 5.1 to HERMES 2022


  • To have the HERMES 5.1 Foundation certification

Course content

The new version of the HERMES 2022 methodology brings a unique perspective to traditional (waterfall) project management and Agile development methods.

HERMES 2022 places a strong emphasis on business involvement by introducing the role of User Representative as a minimum role in all projects. The User Representative acts as the primary contact for the development team, supported by specialists.

The scenarios have been revised and now consist of five, online results have been expanded, roles have been repositioned within the application organization, and new roles have been introduced, among other updates in this new version.


  • Reference support materials


  • This course prepares for the certification HERMES 2022 Foundation
  • If you wish to take this exam, please select it when you add the course to your basket

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  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Preparation for the exam
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