ISO/IEC 27005 Risk Manager avec EBIOS


The ISO 27005 Risk Manager certification training with EBIOS deals with information security risk management in general and the EBIOS method of ANSSI. This training allows you to carry out an end-to-end risk assessment from the study of needs to the formalization of security objectives.

  • Build a risk management process according to ISO / IEC 27005: 2011
  • Understand the EBIOS 2010 method and its different use cases
  • Provide the trainee with the means to manage and carry out an EBIOS risk assessment
  • Communicate the resources and tools available in order to achieve an optimal risk assessment
  • Prepare the learner for the exams at the end of the session
Connaissances préalables
  • Basic knowledge of information systems security
Contenu du cours

Module 1: Introduction, risk management program, identification and risk analysis according to ISO / IEC 27005

  • Concepts and definitions related to risk management
  • Standards, reference frameworks and methodologies in risk management
  • Implementation of a risk management program in information security
  • Risk analysis (Identification and estimation)


Module 2: Risk assessment, processing, acceptance, communication and monitoring according to ISO / IEC 27005

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment
  • Acceptance of risk in information security and management of residual risk
  • Risk communication in information security
  • Monitoring and risk control in information security
  • Risk Manager ISO / IEC 27005 exam


Module 3: Conducting a risk analysis with EBIOS

  • EBIOS presentation
  • Establishment of the context
  • Analysis of feared security events
  • Analysis of Threat scenarios


Module 4: Risk analysis with EBIOS

  • Risk analysis
  • Determination of security measures
  • Workshop with case studies


Module 5: Workshop with Case Studies and Risk Manager EBIOS Exam

  • Workshop with case studies
  • PECB Certified Risk Manager EBIOS certification exam
  • Course material included

This course prepares to the exams:

  • Risk manager ISO 27005
  • Risk Manager EBIOS

Classe présentielle

  • ISO-27005RME
  • 5 jours
  • Campus Genève / Lausanne
  • CHF 4'900.00

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Classe virtuelle

  • 5 jours
  • CHF 4'900.00

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