E-learning Training platform


For the past 5 years, ITTA has set up a tutored e-learning training platform.

This one is based on 3 axes:

You want to participate in training courses with a trainer and especially do not waste time on modules that you already master ?

Do you wish to benefit from a personalized follow-up to work on your identified areas of progress but also to take stock of your skills ?

Would you like to benefit from the advice and tips of a trainer on teaching points and take stock of your training ?


Acquire a business-oriented mastery of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) in line with participant's project.

Connaissances préalables 

Based on your information collected through our form, a telephone interview can be conducted by our training manager. It will aim to confirm your current level of skills and validate your orientation to a degree that is fully in line with your professional project and your IT needs.

If necessary and using a remote capture software, you will need to perform a series of computer manipulations proposed by the person conducting the interview.

Contenu du cours 

Based on 35 business profiles, the evaluation at the beginning of each level makes it possible to build an individualized training path for each software.

Module 1: Beginner

Level 1 Training Evaluation
Practical exercises level 1

Module 2: Advanced

Level 2 Training Evaluation
Practical exercises level 2

Module 3: Expert

Level 3 Training Evaluation
Practical exercises level 3