Blended Learning

Hybrid face-to-face and distance learning

Why the blended Learning?

The quest for the right format as opposed to classical classroom training aims to meet one or both of these goals:

  1. Train by reducing costs, direct and indirect (These can represent a significant part of the training budget: transportation, meals, accommodation...)
  2. Train more effectively, with a focus on more focused and strengthened learning
  3. But is it just a less expensive training that actually helps you learn more efficiently?

Engagement, Effectiveness & Efficency

Our experiences of face-to-face training, elearning and other formats as well as our exchanges with many training professionals (Participants, Manager, HR, Management ...) have convinced us of the need to evaluate our learning  approaches through different espects:

  1. The engagement
  2. The effectiveness
  3. Efficiency

Cross expertise

Many solutions exist on the market, of variable quality, they do not aim for the same objectives.

  1. ITTA, as a major player in training and with experience in designing blended Learning programs for many years, develops and integrates training modules that respond to these challenges and, through continuous evaluation, continues to evolve this one in a logic of continuous improvement.