Terms and conditions

General Conditions of sale

1. Field of application These general conditions apply to all courses given by ITTA (IT TRAINING ACADEMY SA) in its own premises or on an external site, subject to certain categories of courses subject to specific provisions (see below under “Special conditions”).

These general terms and conditions also apply to the Special Conditions, unless the latter expressly derogate therefrom.

The parties to the course contract are the natural or legal person who signs the order or registration (hereinafter: the Client), on the one hand, and the IT TRAINING ACADEMY SA company on the other hand (hereinafter after: ITTA).

The sale of training and services by ITTA to a customer is subject to these terms and conditions regardless of any other terms and conditions contained in any purchase order, document or other communication from the Customer.

This Agreement may be amended only in writing and signed by authorized representatives of ITTA and the Customer. The person who actually follows a course is a “Participant”.

If the Client is not the Participant, it is the first to ensure that the second complies with the terms and conditions of the training provided by ITTA.

2. Course offers The ITTA (IT Training Academy Ltd.) .net website is the official support for standard offers including catalog courses and certifications, job-training courses (day or evening), distance learning courses in Virtual classroom and e-learning courses.

All offers (online or printed) provided by ITTA are indicative and may be changed at any time without notice, without warranty and subject to errors or omissions.

3. Order and registration – Any order or registration is subject to ITTA’s acceptance. Any contract between the Customer and ITTA is concluded following the written acceptance of ITTA or the execution of the Customer’s order and will be governed by this Agreement. Only documents signed between ITTA and the Client form part of the contract. Les inscriptions sont considérées comme valides dès lors qu’ITTA envoie un Email de Confirmation. Cela s’applique à tout type de demande, qu’elle ait été faite par courrier, email ou sur le site ITTA.net. Les offres spécifiques « sur mesure », document papier ou courrier électronique, sont valables 30 jours, sauf indication contraire. Tous les prix sont indiqués en francs suisses (CHF).

By registering, the Customer acknowledges having taken knowledge of the required level, general conditions and, if applicable, special conditions for the chosen course.

  1. a. Registrations must be made by post, email or via the website www.ITTA.net
  2. b. A Confirmation Email is sent to the Customer.
  3. c. A personal invitation is sent to the Participant (s).
  4. d. An invoice is sent to the debtor with the mention of the payment period.

Registrations become effective when ITTA receives payment within the time specified on the invoice, regardless of whether it is a one-time payment or installment payment. The late payment of a single payment or the first installment of a installment payment will lead to the automatic cancellation of the registration.

4. Course prices – The price of each course is indicated in the related description published on our website. The prize includes the transfer of skills, the course material and / or the bibliography described in each course description, the note-taking equipment, the use of the computer systems, the WLAN and the snacks (coffee, water, biscuits …). Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Payment by credit card (CHF) is possible online. Cash payment (CHF) is possible through the ITTA Secretariat. The Customer undertakes to pay the full price of the services, regardless of the method of payment chosen (single or phased), even if it interrupts his training, respectively that of his Participant.

5. Value added tax (VAT) – In principle, all prices are exclusive of value added tax. The legal value added tax is charged extra for all services and training. Services provided abroad are subject to the applicable provisions of the country. Prices quoted may be changed at any time and without special notice. In order to avoid any misinterpretation of the VAT application provisions, all the services invoiced by ITTA will be increased by VAT, except for training services to customers who can not recover VAT.

6. Cancellation – Report – If a Client, or a Participant, cancels or postpones his registration in writing, no later than 21 calendar days before the start of the course, he is released from payment of the balance of the training price.

If a cancellation occurs after this time, the following costs will be charged:

  1. Less than 21 calendar days before the start of the course: 25% of the price of the course;
  2. Less than 14 calendar days before the start of the course: 50% of the price of the training;
  3. Less than 7 working days before the start of the course: 100% of the price of the course;
  4. Absence of the course: 100% of the price of the training.

Any absence (illness, military service, professional imperative or other) or termination of the course without reasoned justification, does not entitle to any reduction or refund of the price of the course. Cases of force majeure, duly substantiated in writing and certified by documentary evidence, remain reserved. In the presence of just cause (long illness / accident), ITTA may, at its discretion, offer to continue the training by taking another course. The cancellation and postponement of the registration require the written form and receive legal validity only in case of written confirmation by ITTA. A Client may propose another substitute Participant to attend the scheduled course, provided that it is for the entire course at no extra charge. For courses that are the subject of a prior assessment, this replacement is subordinated to the positive result of this evaluation of the new Participant. ITTA reserves the right to cancel training in case of force majeure. In this case, ITTA will replace the canceled session without any fees.

7. Course location The classes take place in our premises:

  1. In Geneva, sis Route des Jeunes 33bis – Entrance B, 1227 Geneva
  2. In Lausanne, sis Avenue Mon Repos 24, 1005 Lausanne or Route des côtes-de-Montbenon 16, 1003 Lausanne

Only the invitation received by the participant definitely confirms the place of the training. Trainings can be organized on the premises of the Clients, insofar as the minimum equipment required is available. The customer agrees to provide the complete equipment and facilities necessary for the training. In all cases, ITTA reserves the right not to deliver a service to the Customer if the appropriate pedagogical and technical conditions are not met.The complete or partial installation and / or configuration of the computers may be assumed by ITTA and constitute a separate service provision which must be the subject of a specific agreement.

8. Trainers – ITTA is committed to providing a trainer with the necessary skills throughout the course. ITTA reserves the right to make temporary changes or replacements when necessary, which does not entitle the Customer or the Participant to dispute its commitment to attend and pay for the course. ITTA can assign a third party who is not his employee to be a trainer.

9. Course materials – The course support documents (printed or digital), where they exist, are billed separately. For most courses, these documents are included in the price of the course; the specific conditions of the course expressly state this. Course materials provided to Participants are for personal use only and remain the intellectual property of ITTA, or the publisher, respectively. Any breach of intellectual property is the responsibility of the Client / Participant.

10. Evaluation Form – As part of its ongoing quest for quality improvement and the ISO 9001 standard, IT Training Academy SA asks each Participant to complete an evaluation form for the course and the trainer. Any claim of a participant on the quality of the course that is not described on this form could not be the subject of a claim post training.

11. Certificate An end-of-course certificate is issued on request to any Participant whose attendance is sufficient.

12. Certifications – Certifications are issued by the course editors, respectively software or systems (eg Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, etc.) after examinations passed in the ITTA authorized VUE, PeopleCert, CertiPort and ECDL. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the cost of the tests is the responsibility of the Client or the Participant and must be paid in full before the exam.

13. Schedule

The ITTA Secretariat is open:

  1. Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00 (Excluding holidays of the Canton of Geneva)

Unless otherwise indicated, day courses last 6 hours:

  1. 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 16:30

Unless otherwise indicated, evening classes last 3 hours:

  1. From 18:00 to 21:00

14. Attendance, absences – The Participant undertakes to assiduously attend all classes, to participate actively and to be punctual. He is obliged to inform ITTA immediately or directly the trainer in case of major impediment. When the Client is not a Course Participant himself, he obtains from his / her Participant / s the commitments described in the paragraph above. Insufficient attendance may deprive the Participant of the final certification (see Ch. 11)

15. Commitment to success Course participants who fulfill the prerequisites and who have not achieved the objectives set and published have the opportunity to register for free at the same course of one of the following guaranteed sessions, as long as it is not complete.

16. Rules of procedure – If the Client is not the Participant, he / she must ensure that the Participant complies with the points listed in the rules of procedure. ITTA reserves the right to exclude Participants in case of violation of the rules listed in this regulation. In this case, the entire price of the training remains due by the Participant.

17. Virus prevention and liability – ITTA makes every effort to keep its computers free of viruses but can not give any absolute guarantee on this subject. Should Participants copy and remove files from these computers, ITTA assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by viruses. Participants are strictly forbidden to bring data carriers that could introduce a virus into ITTA computers. The Customer is jointly responsible for any damage related to the introduction of a virus by his Participant.

18. Modification and validity of conditions – The specific conditions of a contract or registration take precedence over the general conditions and the special conditions; these prevail over the general conditions. In case of doubt or contradiction, it is the contract or registration that is authentic. ITTA reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the present general conditions and the special conditions which are available on its ITTA.net site as well as the price and the contents of the proposed trainings. Current registrations and signed contracts remain unchanged.

19. Competition – The client and ITTA undertake not to hire staff working for the other party. In particular, the client undertakes not to poach the lecturers and trainers, the course managers during initial and continuing training courses organized by him.

20. Insurance – ITTA is insured in civil liability as a private school for bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties. From this point of view, the Participants are not third parties and they must be individually insured against accidents.

21. Responsibility – The Client and the Participant are jointly and severally liable for any damage caused by the Participant. ITTA can not be held responsible for information or opinions expressed during a training course or course material. The opinions expressed are those of the various trainers and authors and not necessarily those of ITTA.

22. Jurisdiction and applicable law – All legal relationships with ITTA are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Jurisdiction is in Geneva.


23. In classroom courses – All courses communicated on our website take place as far as possible. If the number of participants is too low, ITTA warns you well enough in advance. In this case, the course may exceptionally take place, subject to an increase in the financial contribution or a reduction in the duration of the course, when this is reasonable, and subject to the agreement of the participants. ITTA reserves the right to cancel the course up to 5 business days before it is held and will propose a suitable alternative (postponement of registration for example). If ITTA is forced to permanently cancel a course without being able to re-schedule it, the registration fees already paid will be refunded in full.

24. Tailor made course Courses organized for “tailor-made” companies are the subject of specific offers whose detailed conditions prevail over the general conditions.

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