Towards Innovative Microsoft Certification : Explore the new features

A New Dimension in Microsoft Certification

Open Book exams with access to Microsoft Learn

In the dynamic world of technology, certification signifies much more than just a badge of accomplishment. It is a testament to competence and technical expertise that opens doors to professional opportunities. For over thirty years, Microsoft Certifications have stood as an essential benchmark, setting global standards for technical skills. Today, we are excited to introduce a significant advancement: the introduction of ‘open book’ certification exams that grant access to Microsoft Learn, a learning platform, during the assessments.

What's new in Microsoft Certification Exams - ITTA - Blog

Reinventing Microsoft Certification Exams

The ‘Open Book’ Approach for Modern Learning

The transition to this ‘open book’ approach is far from just a response to the growing digitalization of our world. It stems from Microsoft’s desire to create an exam experience that aligns better with the realities of modern learning. Indeed, in a world where information is just a click away, online research is an integral part of the learning process. Microsoft, a leader in technological innovation, has chosen to capitalize on this reality to revolutionize the certification exam experience.

Exclusive Access to Microsoft Learn During Exams

Enhancing the Assessment of Technical Skills

Starting August 22nd, we will be updating our exams to allow you to access Microsoft Learn while taking your assessmentstated Liberty Munson, Director of Psychometrics within Microsoft’s Worldwide Learning organization.

This announcement means that candidates taking Microsoft certification exams will now have access to Microsoft Learn. This platform is rich with documentation, tutorials, code snippets, and other essential technical content.

The fundamental idea behind this approach is simple yet powerful: in the professional world, it’s common to seek information to solve complex problems. Microsoft’s ‘open book’ exams aim to replicate this reality while assessing your skills. It’s important to emphasize that these exams are not designed to test your memory, but rather to evaluate your ability to effectively use available resources to solve real-world problems.

Redefining Microsoft Exams

Using Microsoft Learn for Practical Application of Skills

Pendant ces examens “open book”, une grande partie du contenu de Microsoft Learn sera accessible. Cependant, un service de questions-réponses techniques restera masqué, encourageant les candidats à se concentrer sur la mise en pratique de leurs compétences. Microsoft empêchera également l’accès à des moteurs de recherche, GitHub et autres ressources en ligne. Cette démarche préserve l’intégrité de l’expérience d’examen, évaluant vos compétences pratiques et votre capacité à appliquer vos connaissances.Cette approche novatrice s’appliquera aux certifications basées sur des rôles tels que l’Administrateur Azure, le Développeur, l’Architecte de Solutions, l’Ingénieur DevOps, et bien d’autres.

It’s crucial to understand that accessing Microsoft Learn during exams will not suspend the timer. The dynamics of the exam will remain intact, with the exception of the window that will allow candidates to view the educational portal.

“This resource is designed to be used with questions describing problems for which you might need to look something up on Microsoft Learn. It is not a resource to be used to answer every question”,Munson explained

This clarification highlights Microsoft’s intention to promote hands-on learning rather than simply provide answers.

What's new in Microsoft Certification Exams - ITTA - Blog

Pave your future with Microsoft

The path to success

Microsoft is once again demonstrating its willingness to innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of the technology industry. Whether you’re an enthusiastic student or a seasoned professional, these new approaches open up exciting new horizons for validating your skills and advancing your career. Get ready to explore these new horizons during your next Microsoft certification exam.

We’re excited to introduce you to these new features at our training and exam center. We look forward to supporting you in this new stage of learning and certification by taking advantage of these new opportunities. Whether you want to consolidate your skills or prepare for future exams with Microsoft, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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