Microsoft Launches Windows 11: things to Know

Android app support and Teams integration

Over the years, Windows has become the most widely used operating system (OS) on the market, far in front of Apple Mac OS. Each update offers many improvements and new features, not to mention a new graphical environment.

As part of its R&D strategy, Microsoft has based itself on the new requirements of users and on the evolution of the performance of different hardware (PC, Laptops such as the Surface Laptop Studio, tablets, but not mobile devices) in order to meet the expectations of individuals and professionals. This year marks an important turning point for Microsoft, with the official release of the long-awaited Windows 11.

What’s new (compared to Windows 10)?

Features, apps – App Store

Windows 11 offers much more advanced features than the previous version, including:

  • A layout and snap groups
  • Optimized virtual desktops
  • A new Microsoft Store
  • Native support for Android applications
  • Many more customization options
  • Slimmer information center
  • Recovery of deleted files

An interface tailored to both home and business users

This latest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system focuses on productivity, speed and openness through many new features. It presents an improved interface to meet the needs of both individuals and professionals.

Everything has been redesigned in detail to obtain a much more intuitive OS (operating system) and to guarantee a better user experience. An exceptional work has been done on the design. On the Microsoft support site, you will find explanations on how to use the new OS, including for example how to perform a data recovery.

A Start Menu In The Center Of The Taskbar

On Windows 11, the Start button and taskbar are now in the center of the screen, with transparent windows and rounded corners.

This upgrade to the Start menu also simplifies access to recent files. With Windows 11, you have the ability to move the start screen the menu around as you wish. However, the notification area is only provided in the overflow area and does not appear to be displayable in the taskbar.

Microsoft Teams Centered On The Taskbar

In another innovation, the Microsoft Teams chat and collaborative work tool is brought to the forefront of the Windows 11 interface. Teams is now accessible directly from the Windows 11 taskbar to allow users to quickly connect with their contacts. Teams allows you to chat, discuss live audio or video, integrates video conferencing, storage and file sharing.

Choose The Layout Of Your Windows As You Wish

Windows 11 benefits from new features to improve multitasking. Snap Layouts allows users to choose the layout of open windows. This option was introduced to optimize screen space and thus have a better overview of the windows you need.

Windows 11 also makes it possible to create separate desktops via the Group Anchor feature. You will be able to group multiple windows together and create several independent, fully customizable desktops to separate your different activities.

Windows now remembers which windows are open and where they are located, regardless of the screen they were on.

In Microsoft’s demonstration, on a Surface tablet, the taskbar and its icons automatically adapt to the way the device is used. It expands for easier use on a touch screen. You can pin up to three additional applications to the taskbar.

Widgets Enhanced By Artificial Intelligence

This operating system includes widgets that can be customized according to your interests and the information you consider important. Calendar, weather, photos, news feed… It’s up to you to organize them as you wish. Widgets are displayed on the left side of the screen.

New Themes

New themes are also part of the improvements made in the current upgrade. The different options are available in the display settings.

Power consumption, speed

For this latest version, Microsoft has done a lot of work on energy consumption. This is now optimized. We will have to wait for the deployment of the upgrade to see if this new OS is truly more economical than the previous versions.

In terms of speed, Windows 11 promises greater speed compared to version 10. The user will be able to run Windows in a faster and more fluid way, especially thanks to a better memory management prioritising the most used apps.

Compatibility of Windows 11

On your current computer

It is important to check if your current computer is compatible with Windows 11. To do this, you will need to download the Windows PC Health Check tool. Open the file and accept the terms of the license agreement to be able to launch the installation.

Microsoft has nevertheless published some minimum requirements to ensure that the new system works properly, which reminded some people of Windows Vista. On Windows Update, you can check for updates and you will know if you can upgrade your computer. For example, Secure Boot is required for the new OS.

Also, you must have TPM 2.0 (Secure Platform Module) on your device for the new Windows 11 operating system. This has prompted some computer hardware motherboard manufacturers to offer a BIOS/UEFI update to automatically enable the TPM chip on your personal computers if compatible. This chip is used to generate encryption keys in a secure way.

On new products and tablets

This latest version of windows requires a minimum configuration, which is valid for new products and tablets. During the announcement, Microsoft presented the official list of compatible machines for the update. This only includes devices dated after October 2018. Find out which Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors are compatible.

The release of Windows 11

Windows 11 is the most successful version of Microsoft’s operating system. It was presented last June at the Microsoft Event, where the firm unveiled some information about its new version. It allowed us to predict some of the changes, and even revolutions.

Windows 11 will be released on October 5, 2021

In 2015, Microsoft promised users that Windows 10 would be the final version of its operating system. However, this is not the case and it’s official: Windows 11 will soon make its entrance on the market.

Windows 11 was officially presented on June 24, 2021 during a 45-minute conference entitled “What’s next for Windows”, which aroused excitement on social media. Soon after, the first preview was launched, intended for members of the Windows Insider Preview program.

The multinational has since blocked access to the preview version of its brand new operating system. However, during September, the blog of Windows announced several releases of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build to the Dev Channel or the Beta Channel. In fact, you can join the Windows Release Preview Channel to be the first to know the new updates. We will have to wait until October 5 to finally discover all its features in detail and thus be able to test this brand new version. The deployment of upgrades to Windows 11 will be available until 2022. You can find the upgrade on Windows Media Creation Tool.

Windows 11 will be available for download and installation in different versions: Home, Education, Pro and Pro for workstations. The Windows upgrade is free.

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