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The largest IT companies in Romandy

IT is one of the main levers of development for any modern company. Digitization has become necessary to align with the competition, provide cloud services, expand its target audience, meet new legislative and technological requirements in order to gain a competitive advantage.

In the absence of the necessary material, human and technical resources, many companies choose to outsource the management of their IT infrastructures. This IT development partly explains the dazzling success of companies in the IT sector in Romandy. IT, or “information technology”, refers to a set of digital professions and services linked to digital and technological transformation

The various rankings and figures on the IT sector in Romandy are the result of annual surveys conducted by the ICT Journal directly with IT suppliers in Romandy.

For 2021, more than 150 companies were surveyed and employ more than 9700 people in Romandy. Half of the IT companies surveyed have between 10 and 70 employees in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

More than 80% of the employees of the IT providers who participated in these studies are based in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.


The development of the digital economy in these cantons can be explained by a favorable political, economic and technological environment, but also by a strong demand from Swiss companies investing in the field.

Top 10 Swiss IT companies

1. Swisscom Business Customers

Swisscom Business Customers is the reference in the field of telecommunications in Switzerland. With more than 19,000 employees, including nearly 1,000 in Romandy, Swisscom is the market giant. Their IT division offers interesting digital innovation . It has set up a modern, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

2. ELCA Informatique SA

ELCA Informatique SA is a Swiss company that works mainly in software development and that accompanies digital transformations in Switzerland with both customized and standardized solutions. With more than 450 employees in Switzerland, it is one of the main market leaders in terms of IT services. The international team consists of engineers, software architects, analysts, consultants and designers.

3. Merkle Switzerland AG

The multinational company Dentsul with more than 35,000 employees worldwide is making its mark on the Swiss market through its subsidiary Merkle. Isobar Switzerland born from the acquisition of blue infinity by the dentsu group in 2017, will merge with Namics at the end of 2020 to become Merkle Switzerland. Merckle is a company with more than 400 digital experts in Romandy dedicated to the transformation of customer experience, marketing communication and IT in the broadest sense. Merckle is also a leading provider of outsourced IT maintenance services.

4. Capgemini Engineering

By acquiring Altran in 2019, Capgemini, which has more than 200,000 employees worldwide, including more than 300 consultants in Romandy, is creating a giant of consulting and services companies dedicated to IT technologies. Capgemini Engineering is one of the references in Switzerland in terms of IT outsourcing and IT engineering. It has flourished in the field of organization and information system consulting. It also offers consulting services in technology and innovation and tries to create the best possible customer interactions.


With more than 300 employees in Romandy, the Mantu group is a global player headquartered in Geneva and provides services to companies and entrepreneurs through its brands. Mantu has developed a solid reputation in business strategy consulting services. The group has also built up real expertise in information systems and technologies, and in the creation of websites. The company’s area of expertise extends to the development of websites and applications.

6. Bechtle Switzerland SA

Bechtle Suisse SA is a market leader in IT services in Romandy and has more than 270 employees in the sector. It is the partner of choice for SMEs in Romandy. It ensures the implementation of an innovative IT system in the digital Switzerland . The group has developed various subsidiaries, including a specialist in cloud solutions and data analysis.

7. Qim info SA

Qim Info is an IT services and engineering company. It gathers consultants, developers and other qualified experts in the IT sector. More than 260 employees are mobilized to meet the needs of professionals in Romandy. Innovative ideas combined with tailor-made strategies and sustainable technology: these are the keys to Qim Info’s success over the years.

8. Cross-Systems

Cross-Systems is a company specialized in IT services. It has developed a particular expertise in information systems consulting and services. With more than 220 experts, its activities are mainly oriented towards digital transformation, data governance and performance management.


ANTAES, with more than 210 employees in Romandy, assists professionals in optimizing their IT systems and services. The company offers services based on three main areas: improving the performance of organizations, information systems management, and engineering and industrial expertise. By offering a differentiated approach combining technology and business expertise, Antaes claims to accelerate the implementation of projects and solutions.

10. Sword Group

Sword Group is a multinational company offering IT services to SMEs. It is specialized in consulting and software. Its team of more than 200 people is mainly made up of experienced engineers and consultants, who assist world leaders in their digital transformation projects. This Swiss market leader sets up an IT environment adapted to each structure and can also be called upon for the maintenance and security of IT equipment.

Geneva and Vaud, the cantons with the largest workforce

Geneva and Vaud seem to be the most favorable cantons for the development of Swiss Romand companies specialized in IT services. These two cantons offer a particularly dynamic environment for companies focused on new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. IT companies in Geneva and Vaud are at the top of the Swiss economy in terms of digital business. This partly explains the growing number of IT leaders present in the Lake Geneva region.

Top 3 activities: consulting, software integration services and outsourcing & managed services

IT services have established themselves as real pillars of development for SMEs in the 21st century. They are looking for IT security and technologies adapted to their structures. Among the services offered by the suppliers present in Switzerland, 3 activities stand out.


Swiss companies specialized in IT services and IT consulting, accompany SMEs in their decision making. They assist companies in setting up customized IT programs and managing the entire information system.

In Romandy, the majority of companies offer consulting services, which account for 85% of their activities.

Software integration services

The IT sector also features software management specialists. Some specialists even offer the possibility of creating custom applications specific to a company.

69% of the activities of companies in Romandy are software integration services.

Outsourcing and managed services

IT specialists also offer various outsourcing or outsourcing of IT services. This type of service offers innumerable advantages to SMEs, including time savings, efficiency and productivity.

Outsourcing and managed services are also an excellent way to reduce the costs of hiring new skills or investing in ever more efficient IT equipment.

Outsourcing and managed services represent 59% of the activities of companies in Romandy.

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