Certification: HERMES 2022 Foundation

Get HERMES 2022 Foundation Certification

HERMES 2022 Foundation Certification

Unlock new professional horizons by obtaining the Hermes 2022 Foundation certification. This certification, a key benchmark in the industry, provides a comprehensive overview of this modern methodology and current best practices. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your qualifications or an organization aiming to optimize its operations, Hermes 2022 lays the groundwork for your success.

The Hermes 2022 Foundation certification is perfect for any project manager, team member, or functional manager. We also recommend it for those aiming for leadership roles in project management and change management within their organization. Dive into the training and learn the strategies and insights that are transforming the field of project management.

Certification HERMES 2022 Advanced


There are no prerequisites for taking the HERMES 2022 Foundation certification if you have completed the preparatory training of the same name.



Next steps

  • Follow the HERMES 2022 Advanced training and pass the certification


  • Exam HERMES 2022 Foundation

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