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Certification: Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel Expert

Get the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – Excel Expert Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel Expert Certification

The MOS – Excel Expert (MO-201) certification demonstrates your advanced proficiency in the most popular spreadsheet tool on the market. You’re not limited to the basics. You have mastery over VBA, dynamic dashboards, and Power Queries.

The professional world is heavily data-focused today. Your ability to manage, analyze, and present this data largely dictates your professional success. In this light, the MOS – Excel Expert certification provides you with a competitive edge. It attests not only to your technical prowess but also to your capability to apply these skills in real-world situations to tackle tangible challenges.

Today’s companies seek talents that bring significant value. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications reassure employers. In short, by choosing this certification, you’re investing in your professional future, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge needed to shine in an ever-evolving digital world.

MOS - Word Expert Certification


To take the Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel Expert exam, it is recommended to have completed the Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel Associate training or to have the knowledge covered in this course.



Next steps

Follow one of the following trainings and pass the certification:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist – Word Associate (MO-100)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist – Word Expert (MO-101)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint Associate (MO-300)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist – Outlook Associate (MO-400)


Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel Expert (MO-201)

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