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Training: Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603)

Ref. DP-603

Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603)

Discover the potential of real-time data analysis with our training course: Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603). This course equips you with the skills needed to develop and implement real-time analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric and Power BI. You will learn to ingest streaming data, process this data in real-time, and visualize instant insights on interactive dashboards.

Join our course “Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603)” to master KQL queries, create advanced dashboards, and adopt best practices for effective and impactful real-time intelligence.

Participant profiles

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer


  • Describe Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric
  • Understand and write KQL queries
  • Use advanced KQL features
  • Create real-time dashboards
  • Apply best practices for real-time dashboards


<li>Connect to the Azure portal</li>
<li>Understand and establish resource groups</li>
<li>Master the concept of data streaming</li>

Course content

Module 1: Getting Started with Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric

  • Describe Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Intelligence
  • Understand the database and KQL tables
  • Describe the real-time hub of Microsoft Fabric
  • Write queries in KQL

Module 2: Querying Data in a KQL Database in Microsoft Fabric

  • Get started with KQL queries
  • Apply best practices related to KQL
  • Use advanced KQL features

Module 3: Creating Real-Time Dashboards in Microsoft Fabric

  • Get started with real-time dashboards
  • Use advanced dashboard features
  • Adopt best practices for real-time dashboards


  • Digital course material included

Complementary courses

Additional information

Optimize Your Business with the “Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603)” Training

Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric is a key skill for businesses looking to leverage their real-time data. This training will help you master the features of Microsoft Fabric while addressing common questions and optimizing your online presence.

What is Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric?

Real-time analytics with Microsoft Fabric allows businesses to collect, analyze, and visualize data instantly. This means you can make decisions based on up-to-date information without waiting for long processing periods. Integrating Real-Time Intelligence into your data infrastructure enhances your organization’s responsiveness and efficiency.

What is Unique About a Real-Time System?

A real-time system processes data as soon as it is received, providing immediate results. Unlike traditional systems where data needs to be collected and analyzed sequentially, Microsoft Fabric uses KQL (Kusto Query Language) and real-time hubs for instant analysis.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Microsoft Fabric and KQL

Describing Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric:

Microsoft Fabric is a powerful platform for real-time data analysis. It combines multiple tools and services to manage, query, and visualize data dynamically. KQL (Kusto Query Language) is a key language of this platform, offering powerful syntax for data analysis.

Understanding KQL Databases and Tables:

KQL databases are essential in Microsoft Fabric. They allow you to structure and organize your data for fast and efficient queries. The training will teach you how to configure and use these databases to maximize their potential.

Describing the Real-Time Hub of Microsoft Fabric:

The real-time hub of Microsoft Fabric is a centralized tool for collecting and distributing real-time data. It facilitates the integration of various data sources and ensures continuous information updates.

Mastering KQL Queries for High-Performance Analytics

Getting Hands-On with KQL Queries:

Learning to write KQL queries is essential for getting the most out of Microsoft Fabric. This training will guide you through the basics, enabling you to write effective and precise queries.

Applying Best Practices for KQL:

To optimize your KQL queries, it’s important to follow best practices. These cover aspects like query structuring, using indexes, and managing performance to ensure fast and reliable results.

Using Advanced KQL Features:

Advanced KQL features offer deep analysis possibilities. You will learn to use complex aggregations, joins, and other techniques to extract valuable insights from your data.

Creating Real-Time Dashboards

Getting Started with Real-Time Dashboards:

Creating real-time dashboards is a crucial skill. These dashboards allow you to visualize live data, providing an instant view of performance and trends.

Using Advanced Dashboard Features:

Microsoft Fabric offers advanced features for dashboards, including customization options, interactive widgets, and integrations with other data services.

Adopting Best Practices for Real-Time Dashboards:

To maximize the efficiency of your dashboards, it’s essential to follow best practices. This includes clear and intuitive design, performance optimization, and regular data updates.

In conclusion, the “Implementing Real-Time Intelligence with Microsoft Fabric (DP-603)” training will equip you with all the skills necessary to fully leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric. By understanding and applying concepts of KQL, real-time databases, and dashboard creation, you will be able to transform your data management and significantly improve your decision-making. Join us to discover how this training can take your business to the next level in real-time analytics.

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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • 180 days of access to Official Microsoft Labs
  • Official documentation in digital format
  • Official Microsoft achievement badge

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