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Training: Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI Service (AI-3004)

Ref. AI-3004

Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI Service (AI-3004)

Discover how to revolutionize your applications with artificial intelligence capabilities through our Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI Service (AI-3004) training. Specially designed for ambitious software developers, this intensive one-day session equips you to integrate advanced AI features, using Azure AI Services and Azure AI Language.

Whether you prefer C# or Python, this course guides you through image analysis, classification, facial recognition, and much more, leveraging the power of custom Azure AI Vision models. Prepare to transform images and videos into actionable data and propel your applications to new heights with Azure AI.

Participant profiles

  • Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • App Creator


  • Incorporate image analysis functionalities via Azure AI Vision.
  • Create custom vision models for classification and object detection.
  • Master Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Extract relevant insights from videos.
  • Apply advanced facial recognition techniques.
  • Leverage Azure Video Analyzer widgets and APIs.


  • Understanding of Microsoft Azure and comfort in using the Azure portal.
  • Proficiency in the programming language C# or Python.
  • Knowledge of JSON and REST programming semantics.

Course content

Module 1: Analyzing Images

  • Provision an Azure AI Vision resource
  • Analyze an image
  • Generate an intelligently cropped thumbnail and remove background

Module 2: Image Classification with Custom Azure AI Vision Models

  • Understand custom model types
  • Create a custom project
  • Label and train a custom model

Module 3: Detecting, Analyzing, and Recognizing Faces

  • Identify options for face detection analysis and identification
  • Understand considerations for face analysis
  • Detect faces with the Azure AI Vision service
  • Understand the capabilities of the face service
  • Compare and match detected faces
  • Implement facial recognition

Module 4: Reading Text in Images and Documents with Azure AI Vision Service

  • Explore Azure AI Vision options for reading text
  • Use the Read API

Module 5: Analyzing Video

  • Understand the capabilities of Azure Video Indexer
  • Extract custom insights
  • Use Video Analyzer widgets and APIs


  • Digital course material included

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Additional information

Optimize Your Applications with course Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI Service (AI-3004)

In a world where technology evolves at a dizzying speed, integrating artificial intelligence into applications is not only a competitive advantage but a necessity. Our training on Azure AI Vision provides you with the tools and knowledge necessary to transform images and videos into actionable data, adding invaluable value to your applications.

Master Image Analysis with Azure

Image analysis is at the heart of many current technological innovations. Learn how to provision Azure AI Vision resources and effectively analyze images to extract valuable information. From generating smart thumbnails to removing backgrounds, our methods will allow you to optimize visual content in an automated and precise manner.

Image Classification and Custom Models

Image classification plays a crucial role in interpreting and managing visual data. We guide you in creating custom Azure AI Vision models, allowing you to categorize and detect objects with exceptional precision. Understanding and creating custom projects will open the doors to smarter and more responsive applications.

Facial Recognition and Analysis

Facial recognition and face analysis offer endless possibilities, from enhanced security to personalized user experiences. We explore in depth the options for analysis and identification, allowing you to detect, analyze, and recognize faces with confidence and precision using the Azure AI Vision service.

Read Text with Precision

Extracting text from images and documents opens a wide range of applications, from digital archiving to content analysis. Discover how to use the Azure AI Vision Read API to visually transform text data into accessible and actionable information.

Advanced Video Analysis

Video analysis goes beyond mere viewing, allowing for the extraction of personalized insights that can transform the way we interact with video content. With Azure Video Indexer and the widgets and APIs of Video Analyzer, learn to analyze videos in depth, extracting valuable information for various applications.

Prix de l'inscription
CHF 850.-
Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • 180 days of access to Official Microsoft Labs
  • Official documentation in digital format
  • Official Microsoft achievement badge

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