Training: Deploy and configure Azure Monitor (AZ-1004)

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Deploy and configure Azure Monitor (AZ-1004)

Boost your application performance and availability with our advanced training on a Deploy and configure Azure Monitor (AZ-1004). Our program guides you through key modules such as creating and configuring a Log Analytics workspace, mastering Azure SQL insights, and deploying the Azure Monitor agent on virtual machines. Explore crucial features like performance monitoring with VM insights and setting up data collection rules for virtual machine logs.

Our course also equips you to efficiently configure monitoring for virtual networks and manage alerts and responses accurately. Join us to turn data into actions and maintain an optimal infrastructure with Deploy and configure Azure Monitor.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone looking to develop their skills in using Microsoft Azure Monitor.


  • Set up a Log Analytics workspace
  • Effectively monitor applications
  • Oversee virtual machines
  • Manage virtual network monitoring
  • Establish appropriate alerts and responses
  • Deploy and configure Azure Monitor


  • Understand the basic features of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics workspaces.

Course content

Module 1: Create and Configure a Log Analytics Workspace

  • Create a Log Analytics workspace
  • Configure access to Log Analytics workspaces
  • Configure Log Analytics data retention
  • Set up alerts for Log Analytics health state

Module 2: Configure Application Monitoring

  • Understand Application Insights
  • Application Insights Sampling
  • Diagnostic settings and resource logs
  • Overview of Azure SQL Insights

Module 3: Configure Virtual Machines Monitoring

  • Deploy Azure Monitor agent on IaaS virtual machines
  • Monitor performance with VM insights
  • Configure data collection rules for IaaS VM logs

Module 4: Configure Virtual Network Monitoring

  • Topology
  • Connection monitor
  • IP flow verify and NSG diagnostics
  • Packet capture

Module 5: Configure Alerts and Responses

  • Azure Monitor alerts
  • Action groups
  • Alert rules
  • Alert processing rules
  • Azure Monitor change analysis


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Deploy and configure Azure Monitor

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Additional information

Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Deploy and configure Azure Monitor (AZ-1004)

In a world where technologies evolve at breakneck speed, the importance of effective monitoring and management of IT systems has never been more critical. Our advanced training on Azure Monitor and Log Analytics equips you with the necessary skills to maintain optimal performance and ensure the availability of your applications and infrastructure.

Advanced Management of Log Analytics Workspaces

Learn to create and configure Log Analytics workspaces, a crucial component for centralizing and analyzing data from your cloud and on-premises environments. We guide you through configuring access and data retention management, ensuring that you maintain complete control over your information and its security.

Intelligent Application Monitoring

Proactively monitor your applications with Application Insights and Azure SQL Insights, powerful tools for deep understanding of your applications’ performance and usage. Learn to use Application Insights sampling and configure diagnostic settings for full visibility and actionable insights.

Monitoring Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks

Monitoring virtual machines is made simple with our training on deploying the Azure Monitor agent and using VM insights for in-depth performance analysis. We also cover virtual network monitoring, including topology, connection monitor, IP flow verification, and NSG diagnostics, for an overview of your network’s health.

Proactive Alerts and Responses

Establish a robust alert and response system with Azure Monitor. Learn to set up action groups, alert rules, and processing rules to quickly respond to incidents and maintain the stability of your infrastructure.

Our training goes beyond mere theory, offering practical scenarios and case studies to apply what you learn in real-world situations. With key terms like performance, availability, application monitoring, virtual machines, virtual networks, and alert management, you’ll be equipped to face the IT challenges of tomorrow.

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CHF 850.-
Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • 180 days of access to Official Microsoft Labs
  • Official documentation in digital format
  • Official Microsoft achievement badge

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