Training: CompTIA Network+

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Take the course that over 50,000 networking professionals have taken to truly understand how networks function. This class will tie together all of the hardware and software components of today’s computer networks. The in-depth lecture and 14 hands-on labs will enable each student to acquire the skills they need to design, install, and maintain their organization’s LANs and WANs.

Participant profiles

  • Network administrators
  • Voice technicians
  • Applications developers


  • Understand how hubs, switches, and routers function and how they are installed and configured using Cisco equipment
  • Understand IP addressing works and how to perform subnetting
  • TCP/IP functions and is configured on devices
  • Capture and view live classroom network traffic using a protocol analyzer
  • Understand what various wireless options you have for your networks
  • Understand basic security and firewall issues
  • Ethernet works and how all of the various forms can be connected together
  • Use the basics of WAN services, including Frame Relay, T1 lines, ATM, and DSL
  • Understand the difference between frames and packets
  • Cat 5e UTP and fiber optic cables are installed
  • Set up a network at home for a home office and for your family


  • Be CompTIA A+ certified

Course content

Module 1: Fundamentals

  • Lesson 1: Networking concepts
  • Lesson 2: Classifying networks
  • Lesson 3: Network models
  • Lesson 4: The troubleshooting process

Module 2: FPhysical networks

  • Lesson 1: Connection technologies
  • Lesson 2: Network devices
  • Lesson 3: Copper media
  • Lesson 4: Optical media
  • Lesson 5: Ethernet standards

Module 3: FTCP/IP networks

  • Lesson 1: IP addressing
  • Lesson 2: Core protocols
  • Lesson 3: Network ports and applications

Module 4: FInternetworking

  • Lesson 1: Switching
  • Lesson 2: Routing

Module 5: FWireless LANs

  • Lesson 1: Wireless networks
  • Lesson 2: Wireless LAN standards

Module 6: FWide area networks

  • Lesson 1: Internet connections
  • Lesson 2: WAN infrastructure

Module 7: FCybersecurity principles

  • Lesson 1: Goals and threats
  • Lesson 2: Digital security
  • Lesson 3: Transport encryption

Module 8: FDefending networks

  • Lesson 1: Network security components
  • Lesson 2: Network authentication systems
  • Lesson 3: Hardening networks

Module 9: FEvolving network technologies

  • Lesson 1: Network convergence
  • Lesson 2: Virtual and cloud systems

Module 10: FNetwork operations

  • Lesson 1: Monitoring and optimization
  • Lesson 2: Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Lesson 3: Incident response

Module 11:Network planning

  • Lesson 1: Network policy design
  • Lesson 2: Network installation
  • Lesson 3: Maintenance and upgrades


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • Official CompTIA Labs included


  • This course prépare to the exam CompTIA’s Network+: N10-008. If you wish to take this exam, please contact our secretariat who will let you know the cost of the exam and will take care of all the necessary administrative procedures for you.

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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Official CompTIA training program
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Exam preparation guide
  • Achievement Badge

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