Training: Configuration Manager – Simple and Advanced Package/Program Deployments

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Ce cours couvre les détails du déploiement de packages/programmes qui ont été omis dans les versions récentes des cours d’administration de Configuration Manager. Cependant, il ne plonge pas dans les détails de création de packages avancés.

Participant profiles

  • SCCM/MECM administrators
  • SCCM/MECM packagers or future packagers


  • Describe the key features of package/program-based software deployment in Configuration Manager
  • Identify scenarios in which package/program-based software deployment may be preferable to the modern method of application management
  • Create packages and programs both manually and by using package definition files
  • Deploy software by using the package/program method
  • Monitor and troubleshoot package/program deployment
  • Remove software from a Configuration Manager client by using a package and a program
  • Use scripts to deploy packages/programs that have prerequisites
  • Use task sequences to deploy packages/programs that have prerequisites, ordered series of packages/programs, and perform complex package/program-based tasks


  • An understanding of the application management feature and process in Configuration Manager, including an understanding of content management and distribution point administration
  • Windows desktop administration skills, including troubleshooting skills
  • Basic knowledge of Windows commands and PowerShell syntax
  • Basic Active Directory knowledge and administration skills
  • A basic understanding of Windows software installation and the Windows Installer
  • A basic understanding of certain network protocols, such as hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and server message block (SMB)
  • Completed Microsoft course 20703-1: Administering System Center Configuration Manager; completed both XPO-NET Corporation courses 55313: Administering Configuration Manager, Part I: Fundamentals and Asset Management and 55314: Administering Configuration Manager, Part II: Change Management; or equivalent knowledge and skills developed through hands-on experience with any version of Configuration Manager

Course content

Module 1: Package/Program Software Deployment

  • Fundamentals of Package/Program Software Deployment
  • Creation of a Package and Program
  • Automatic Creation of a Package and Programs
  • Deployment and Monitoring of a Package/Program

Module 2: Software Removal Using the Package/Program Method

  • Methods for Uninstalling Software by Using a Package and Program
  • Creation of an Uninstall Program in an Existing Package
  • Creation of an Uninstall Package/Program

Module 3: Complex Software Deployment Using the Package/Program Method

  • Limitations of the Package/Program Method
  • Scripts for Installing Package/Program Prerequisites
  • Task Sequences for Installing Package/Program Prerequisites and Handling Complex Package/Program Deployments


  • Course developed by the Microsoft Community

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Additional information

  • Course developed by the Microsoft Community
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  • 180 days of access to Microsoft labs
  • Documentation in digital format
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