Training: Linux Administrator I

Ref. LPIC1-101


This 3-day course is the first level of LPIC-1 certification.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone who needs to perform command line maintenance, install and configure a computer running Linux and configure the base network


  • Determine and configure the fundamental system hardware
  • Guide the system throughout the startup process
  • Manage the boot target sysvinit or systemd boot of the system
  • Design a disk partitioning scheme for a linux system
  • Select, install, and configure a boot manager
  • Determine the shared libraries on which the executable programs depend and install them if necessary
  • To perform package management using the tools of the debian package
  • Perform package management using the rpm and yum tools
  • Interact with shells and commands using the command line
  • Apply filters to text feeds
  • Use basic linux commands to manage files and directories
  • Redirect feeds and connect them to effectively handle textual data


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: System Architecture

  • Lesson 1: Determine and configure hardware settings
  • Lesson 2: Start the system
  • Lesson 3: Change Runlevels / Boot Targets and Stop or Restart System

Module 2: Linux Installation and Package Management

  • Lesson 1: Install a boot manager
  • Lesson 2: Manage Shared Libraries
  • Lesson 3: Using Debian Package Management
  • Lesson 4: Using RPM and YUM Packet Management

Module 3: GNU and Unix Commands

  • Lesson 1: Working on the Command Line
  • Lesson 2: Process text streams using filters
  • Lesson 3: Perform basic file management
  • Lesson 4: Using Streams, Tubes, and Redirects
  • Lesson 5: Create, Monitor, and Kill Processes
  • Lesson 6: Change Process Execution Priorities
  • Lesson 7: Find Text Files Using Regular Expressions
  • Lesson 8: Perform basic file editing with vi

Module 4: Peripherals, Linux File Systems, File System Hierarchy Standard

  • Lesson 1: Create Partitions and File Systems
  • Lesson 2: Maintaining File System Integrity
  • Lesson 3: Control editing and unmounting file systems
  • Lesson 4: Manage disk quotas
  • Lesson 5: Manage file permissions and ownership
  • Lesson 6: Create and edit physical and symbolic links
  • Lesson 7: Find the system files and place the files in the right place


  • Digital courseware included


  • This course prepares you to the LPIC-1 101: Linux administrator exam. If you wish to take this exam, please contact our secretariat who will let you know the cost of the exam and will take care of all the necessary administrative procedures for you.

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Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by an industry expert
  • Preparation for the exam
  • Digital documentation and materials
  • Achievement Badge

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