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The purpose of organizations in the international development sector is almost exclusively to deliver projects. Development organizations manage their work through projects, excelling at designing important, life-changing initiatives. Their offices are staffed by project officers who manage project teams. In turn, the project team writes project proposals, develops project plans, implements project activities, monitors project progress, and evaluates project impact. This course is a Professional guidance and specialized certification scheme for project professionals operating in the development sector.

This course is also available in a 4 week Blended Learning format.
For best results, we recommend that your employees develop a learning plan that allocates approximately 4-5 hours each week for e-learning. They will also be expected to join in course discussions (4 webinars), contributing to discussions and responding to their classmates’ comments.

Participant profiles

  • Project Managers and team members who are new to project management
  • Project Managers and team members who are new to the development sector
  • Participants who are willing to develop a career in the development sector or project management


  • Implement a range of tools and techniques to be used for managing projects and workloads
  • Apply knowledge which is relevant to the environment and conditions in which it is utilized
  • Use systems used in international, well-known non-government organizations
  • Utilize specialist skills such as planning and implementation by adding best practices


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1 : Projects in The Development Sector

  • Introduction
  • High-level overview of projects in the development sector
  • Perspectives and definitions

Module 2: Phases in The Life of a Development Project

  • Explores the importance of balanced project management through the entire life of the project
  • Exploring six key project phases

Module 3 : Project Management Disciplines

  • Explores six discipline areas of project managers in the development sector

Module 4: Adapting the PMD Pro

  • Recognizing that development organizations and their projects are unique
  • Project managers can employ to adapt the PMD Pro
  • Project management approaches to the context

Module 5: Exam preparation


  • PMD Pro Guide (A best practice guide and certification that provides project managers with the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities)

Lab / Exercises

  • Group project


  • This course prepares to the exam Project DPro (PMD Pro) Foundation / Level 1. If you wish to take this exam, please contact our secretariat who will let you know the cost of the exam and will take care of all the necessary administrative procedures for you.

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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  • Training provided by an industry expert
  • Digital documentation and materials
  • Achievement badge

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