Training: Adobe Captivate – Create dynamic e-learning courses

Ref. ADBCA-01
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This hands-on training will teach you how to effectively create and manage e-learning content and presentations interactively. She will show you how to combine text, audio and video in order to develop rich and adapted multimedia communication supports.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone wishing to create an interactive communication medium


  • Create effective and engaging interactive e-learning modules


  • Good knowledge of a Windows or Mac operating system

Course content

Captivate overview

  • The different types of project. Navigate
  • Customize the workspace interface
  • How a theme works
  • Project Preferences

Creation of a new project

  • Getting started with slides. Project size
  • Setting up a theme
  • Incorporate a text, an image, a hover object …
  • Use of images and characters
  • Understanding the timeline
  • Manipulation of objects: align, resize. Object styles
  • Managing library objects

Software simulations

  • Preparations before registration
  • Discover the different capture modes
  • Set preferences
  • Take a capture
  • Items inserted automatically

Interactive objects

  • Using buttons
  • The different object states
  • Inserting the text entry area
  • Interaction via drag and drop
  • Find your way using the branch sign
  • Animating objects (text, effects panel)

Add multimedia

  • Import audio (music, narration)
  • Record a narration
  • Sync subtitles with narration
  • Edit / export audio file
  • Types of video formats .Add / configure a video file

Create a quiz

  • Set quiz preferences
  • Setting up the different types of questions
  • Discover the quiz palette
  • Formatting and testing the quiz

Publication of projects

  • Create and customize a table of contents
  • Modification of the skin
  • Publishing preferences
  • Project in HTML5, Flash or Video


  • Digital Courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • Lab 1: Getting started with the interface
  • Lab 2: Create a project, insert slides, set up a theme
  • Lab 3: Perform a software simulation and make the modifications
  • Lab 4: Insertion of interactive objects
  • Lab 5: Insert audio (3 different ways) and a video (2 ways)
  • Lab 6: Setting up a quiz
  • Lab 7: Publication of the project

Complementary courses

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