Training: Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Features – level 2

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The training’s objective is to improve skills of attendees of the InDesign CC – Level 1 training, or of casual InDesign users, in order to speed up their production process for professional publishing. Improvements are about the following topics: multiple Master-Pages creation and use; automatic threading of long texts at importation; paragraph and character styles importation from Word;  creation and modification of Paragraph Styles and Nested Styles; Excel tables importation; advanced edition of picture and text frames.

Participant profiles

  • Self-taught InDesign users (Graphical designers and layout artists, marketing dept.)


  • Create, apply and reuse complex Master-Pages documents
  • Understand each settings of the Word documents Import Options panel
  • Handle automatic text-threading and text-reflow
  • Use the Pen tool to edit Objects
  • Create, apply and nest Paragraph Styles
  • Use Tables Styles, Cell Styles and Tables panels
  • Choose and edit advanced text frame options
  • Use effectively colors panels and swatches, create and share color themes
  • Use advanced options for Text-Wrap
  • Use effects and transparencies technics
  • Understand the correct settings when exporting to PDF


  • Participants should have followed or have knowledge covered by: Adobe InDesign CC – Basic Fundamentals – level 1

Course content

  • Module 1: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel and Adobe Bridge: about and usages
  • Module 2: Create and apply complex Master-Pages documents
  • Module 3: Text files import options, automatic text-threading
  • Module 4: Styles: creation, conflicts, redefinition, usages
  • Module 5: Text-frame Options: text-wrap, columns, customized baseline grid
  • Module 6: the Pen tool and technics to modify objects shapes
  • Module 7: Colors, Swatches, Tints, Effects and Transparency
  • Module 8: Image-frames text-wrap special options; Photoshop files import options


  • Digital courseware “Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book” included

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  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Achievement Badge

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