Training: HTML5 and CSS3 – Advanced

Ref. HTM-02
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The Web Publishing with XHTML & CSS course teaches you the fundamentals of Web page authoring and design through reading materials, interactive quizzes, exercises, and assignments.

Participant profiles

  • Web developers who need to implement Web-based solutions and work in a HTML document environment
  • Webmasters who want working knowledge of HTML to create and maintain Web sites
  • Project managers who must have a basic understanding of what is possible to accomplish with HTML and related technologies


  • Start a Web page authoring
  • Learn about XHTML, the latest technology in Web page authoring
  • Learn how to style your Web pages using Cascading Style Sheets


  • Participants should have followed or have knowledge covered by HTML5 et CSS3 – Les fondamentaux

Course content

Module 1: What is new after Basics?

  • Lesson 1: Rarer HTML elements
  • Lesson 2: Good practices for executing page structures

Module 2 : Managing and formatting tables

  • Lesson 1: Tables and usability
  • Lesson 2: Formatting tables
  • Lesson 3: Responsive tables

Module 3: SVG vector graphics on websites

  • Lesson 1: Vector vs. pixel graphics
  • Lesson 2: Scaling
  • Lesson 3: Attaching SVG files

Module 4 : SVG and animation/events

  • Lesson 1: Responsive pictures on websites
  • Lesson 2: Producing pictures for websites
  • Lesson 3: Technique for responsive pictures; changing pictures – not scaling them
  • Lesson 4: Picture element
  • Lesson 5: Arcset and sizes

Module 5: CSS Flexbox positioning

  • Lesson 1: Browser support and uses
  • Lesson 2: Features of container elements
  • Lesson 3: Features of child elements

Module 6: CSS Grid positioning

  • Lesson 1: Browser support and uses
  • Lesson 2: Grid technique, features

Module 7: Different CSS positioning techniques together, sample page

  • Lesson 1: Float and absolute positioning
  • Lesson 2: Flexbox components on the page
  • Lesson 3: CSS Grid as the page layout base

Module 8: New features of CSS make formatting more flexible

  • Lesson 1: Scaling text
  • Lesson 2: New measurement units
  • Lesson 3: Dividing space by calculation, calc() function
  • Lesson 4: Feature queries, @supports


  • Digital courseware included

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Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 à 18:00.


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