Training: JavaScript – Fundamentals

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JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. While the web development industry is chock full of frameworks and libraries that simplify some aspects of JavaScript development, there’s something to be said about having the skills to write pure JavaScript.

Participant profiles

  • Beginners, or coders who have exclusively used frameworks but want to delve into pure JavaScript development


  • Write standard JavaScript code
  • Understand the DOM scripting
  • Improve a html page


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: JavaScript Basics

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
  • Lesson 2: Data and Variables
  • Lesson 3: Functions
  • Lesson 4: Scope
  • Lesson 5: Working with Objects
  • Lesson 6: Creating Objects
  • Lesson 7: Arrays
  • Lesson 8: Conditions and Decisions
  • Lesson 9: Loops

Module 2: JavaScript and the Browser

  • Lesson 1: The window Object and More Scope
  • Lesson 2: The document Object and Finding Elements
  • Lesson 3: Creating Elements and Attributes
  • Lesson 4: Modifying Element Style
  • Lesson 5: Timers and Animation

Module 3: Events

  • Lesson 1: Event Basics
  • Lesson 2: The Standard Event Model
  • Lesson 3: The Legacy IE Event Model
  • Lesson 4: Cross-Browser Event Handling
  • Lesson 5: Event Delegation


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • During the course participants are encouraged to actively participate in the learning experience by running example files during lectures and performing coding challenges during labs
  • Each lab session allows you to compare your solution to the instructor’s

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lun05jun(jun 5)09:00mar06(jun 6)17:00VirtuelVirtual Etiquettes de sessionJAS-01

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