Training: Power BI – Visuals and charts

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In this training, participants will study 150 different types of graphs, be it the default graphs, or those made with R or Python. This is an advanced training in data visualization for those who have to build high added value dashboards. This training prepares participants for Power BI Services training.

Participant profiles

  • Engineers
  • Business analysts
  • Data analysts and financiers
  • Data scientists


  • Be able to use (creation, drilling, filtering with segments / drop-down lists, or “what if” sliders and interaction control) and customize the graphs available in Power BI


  • Have completed the prerequisite courses on Power BI Desktop before attending this course is highly recommended, but not mandatory
  • Having followed the basic training on R and Python is highly recommended since many graphics require writing script / computer code

Course content

  • Quick presentation of the different families of graphs/visuals (“graph continuum”) and Common graphs/visuals
  • Cards, KPIs and Gauges visual types
  • Tables or Matrices visual types
  • Scatter plot graph types (with or without zoom / with or without error bars)
  • Confidence Ellipses graph types
  • Star graph types
  • Cleveland graph types
  • Stem-and-leaf graph types
  • DotPlot graph types
  • Lollipop graph types
  • Sunflower graph types
  • Jitters or Gigue graph types
  • Vectorials graphs types
  • Bland-Altman control graph types
  • Bagplot graph types
  • Sticks graph types
  • Bar graphs types (stacked or not, grouped or standardized, back-to-back with or without error bars)
  • Histograms graph types (stacked or not, with adjustment curve or not)
  • Hexabins graph types
  • Waterfalls graph types
  • Tornado graph types
  • Box and Whiskers plot graph types
  • Violon graph types
  • Pyramidal graph types
  • Associations graph types
  • Missing values data analysis graph types
  • Piee and rings graph types
  • Bubbles graph types
  • Venn graph types
  • Rosling graph types
  • Fourfold graph types
  • Agreement graph types
  • Dynamics sectors graph types
  • Radars graph types
  • Radial (wind rose) graph types
  • Hemicycle graph types
  • X-Y plots with lines graph types (with combined points or not / error bars or not)
  • Frequency (spectrum) graph types (FFT)
  • Polygon graph types
  • Trends graph types (with or without prediction/tolerance interval or not)
  • Multiple horizontal / vertical axes graph types
  • Regression’s Diagnotics graph types (residuals, normal Q-Q, scale parameters, leverage)
  • LOESS/RIDGE graph types
  • Density/Distribution graph types (with or without density intervals)
  • Joy plots graph types
  • Draftsman/Matrices graph types
  • Lattice graph types
  • Interactions graph types
  • Margins graph types (with barcharts or box-plots)
  • HistSpyke graphs types
  • Correlograms graph types
  • Areas graph types (simples, stacked, normalized)
  • Flow graph types
  • Isodensity graph types
  • Ternary graph types
  • Funnels graph types
  • Networks graph types
  • Chord graph types
  • Neural Networks graph types
  • Parallel Coordinates graph types
  • Arcs graph types
  • Slices graph types (4D plots)
  • Orgchart graph types
  • Chronology/Gantt graph types
  • Calendar/Time-Heatmap graph types
  • Sparklines graph types
  • Gauge graph types
  • Bullet graph types
  • Waffle graph types
  • ABC/XYZ graph types
  • Autocorrelogram graph types
  • Trading graph types (candlesticks, Bollinger bands, OHLC, binomial tree, etc.)
  • Efficiency frontier graph types
  • Asset Allocation type graph types
  • Ishikawa graph types
  • Six Sigma control charts graph types
  • Capabilities graph types
  • Sixpack Analysis graph types
  • Caracteristic Operating Curve graph types
  • R&R graph types
  • Pareto graph types
  • Survey and Reliability chart types
  • Wordcloud visual types
  • Codiagram graph types
  • Treemap graph types
  • Dendrogram graph types


  • Digital courseware included

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  • Digital documentation and materials
  • Achievement Badge

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