Training: PowerPoint – Broadcasting your presentation

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This course will enable participants to master the different ways of broadcasting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone who has to broadcast a PowerPoint presentation


  • Manage the File menu
  • Manage slideshows
  • Manage broadcast modes


  • To know how to create a presentation

Course content

Module 1: File Menu (Backstage mode)

  • Managing printing options
  • Recognizing the different PowerPoint file formats
  • Customizing the display
  • Customizing the automatic saving
  • Knowing the protection tools

Module 2: Slide show

  • Mastering the different presentation modes (Slideshow, Presenter, Playback)
  • Create an auto-run presentation
  • Create and manage custom slideshows

Module 3: Delivery modes

  • Broadcasting a slide show in a loop
  • Broadcasting a presentation online
  • Managing different compatibility modes
  • Merging and comparing presentations
  • Mastering all presentation options (zoom, laser pointer simulation, annotation)


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practice exercises will be given at the end of each module

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Additional information

  • As we care about the quality of our training, ITTA offers you an online skills assessment test before and after your course so that you can evaluate your progress
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  • An online skills assessment test before and after your course so that you can evaluate your progress

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