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The Delay in Switzerland’s Cyberadministration

Switzerland’s progress in the field of cyberadministration is once again in the spotlight, this time thanks to the E-Gov Benchmark 2023 report by the European Commission.

Despite progress in various sectors, Switzerland is currently ranked 29th out of the 35 assessed countries, highlighting its lag behind European Union leaders like Malta and Estonia. One of the main challenges identified lies in the field of electronic authentication (E-ID). In this article, we will take a closer look at the report’s findings and the implications of this delay for Switzerland.

The Delay in Switzerland's Cyberadministration

Switzerland’s Lagging Behind

The E-Gov Benchmark 2023 report reveals that Switzerland obtains a modest score of 57 points, while the European Union’s average reaches 70 points. This ranking falling short of expectations underscores the need for Switzerland to catch up in terms of e-government compared to its European neighbors. Neighbouring countries such as France, Germany, Austria and Italy all score higher than Switzerland, underlining the scale of the challenge.

In the digital government ranking, Malta is in first place with 96 points, while Switzerland is in 29th position, according to the E-Gov Benchmark 2023 report.

Switzerland’s strong points

Despite its ranking, Switzerland has made progress in several areas. For example, the range of digital services on offer has increased, with 78% of administrative services now accessible online, compared with 63% the previous year. What’s more, 97% of Swiss authority websites are compatible with mobile devices, slightly exceeding the European average of 93%. However, access to online assistance and feedback functions on the authorities’ websites remains below the EU average.

The E-ID Authentication Challenge

One of the main obstacles identified in the report concerns the possibilities for E-ID authentication in Switzerland. Only a quarter of electronic services requiring identification can be processed with an electronic identity in Switzerland. This gap highlights the importance of implementing an effective electronic identification solution to improve cyber-administration.

Switzerland has made progress in all categories, but overall remains below the EU average.

Perspectives for improvement

The E-Gov Benchmark 2023 report urges Switzerland to take steps to close the cyberadministration gap, particularly in the area of E-ID authentication.Although improvements have been made, it is essential that Switzerland continues to make progress in order to move closer to the European leaders. The establishment of an effective national digital identity could play a key role in achieving this objective. Switzerland must take proactive steps to modernise its digital administration, meet the needs of modern society and strengthen its position on the international stage.

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