Training: Programming Objects with C++ – Fundamentals

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This course teaches you everything about OOP in C++ starting with basic in object oriented concepts to advanced concepts in OOPS. It covers all the topics in OOPs from basics to most advanced topics.

Participant profiles

  • Softwares developers who want to use C++ based on object-oriented concepts


  • Hands-on introduction to object oriented programming in C++ for C programmers
  • Emphasis is placed on the features of C++ that support effective modeling of the problem domain and reuse of code


  • Knowledge of C programming

Course content

Module 1: C++ Flow Control
  • Lesson 1: C++ if…else
  • Lesson 2: C++ for Loop
  • Lesson 3: C++ do…while Loop
  • Lesson 4: C++ break & continue
  • Lesson 5: C++ switch Statement
  • Lesson 6: C++ goto Statement
Module 2: C++ Functions
  • Lesson 1: C++ Function Types
  • Lesson 2: C++ Function Overloading
  • Lesson 3: C++ Default Argument
  • Lesson 4: C++ Storage Class
  • Lesson 5: C++ Recursion
  • Lesson 6: C++ Return Reference
Module 3: C++ Arrays & String
  • Lesson 1: C++ Arrays
  • Lesson 2: Multidimensional Arrays
  • Lesson 3: C++ Function and Array
  • Lesson 4: C++ String
Module 4 : C++ Structures
  • Lesson 1: C++ Structure
  • Lesson 2: Structure and Function
  • Lesson 3: C++ Pointers to Structure
  • Lesson 4: C++ Enumeration
Module 5: C++ Object & Class
  • Lesson 1: C++ Objects and Class
  • Lesson 2: C++ Constructors
  • Lesson 3: C++ Objects & Function
  • Lesson 4: C++ Operator Overloading
Module 6: C++ Pointers
  • Lesson 1: C++ Pointer
  • Lesson 2: C++ Pointers and Arrays
  • Lesson 3: C++ Pointers and Functions
  • Lesson 4: C++ Memory Management
Module 7: C++ Inheritance and introduction to advanced topics
  • Lesson 1: ANSI C++ Library and others.
  • Lesson 2: Templates and Container Classes
  • Lesson 3: Exception Handling
  • Lesson 4: Basic C++ Data Types


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • During the course, participants are encouraged to actively participate in the learning experience by running example files during lectures and performing coding challenges during labs. Each lab session allows you to compare your solution to the instructor’s

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