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On average, 40% of visitors land on your website via a search engine like Google. This training in SEO, SEM, SMO will help increase the number of visitors of your website by improving its visibility and positioning on search engines.

Participant profiles

  • Marketing professionals
  • Communication professionals
  • Web masters
  • Community managers
  • Head of Web projects


  • Know the differences between reference systems and will be able to make the right choices to drive traffic to the company’s website


  • Be comfortable with the computer, Internet and control the functionality of websites

Course content

Module 01

  • SEO or SEM
  • The different methods of SEO (SEO / SEM / SMO)
  • Operation of search engines and key figures
  • SEO: fundamental to reference
  • Build its SEO Toolkit
  • Useful plugins for SEO
  • The tools to check its position
  • Tools to analyse and audit of a site
  • Content: basic brick SEO
  • Good practices for the content of your site
  • Content quality and quantity as key SEO
  • Updating content
  • Internal mesh
  • Technical SEO: Example of a perfectly optimized website
  • Strategy netlinking
  • Social networks: their roles in traffic acquisition

Module 02

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Objective of a strategy to keywords
  • Understanding user behavior
  • How to find keywords?
  • Study the competition, market demand, trends
  • The long tail strategy
  • Choose a relevant domain name
  • Strategically build a website tree
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Understanding the expectations of Internet
  • Designing an effective ergonomics through wireframes
  • Building the zoning of the home page
  • Building the zoning landing pages to promote the conversion
  • How to optimize your website conversion rate?
  • Design other pages


  • Digital courseware included

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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CHF 1'300.-
Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Customized situational activities tailored to your challenges
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement Badge

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jeu30Novven01DécVirtuelVirtual Etiquettes de sessionDM-SEO

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Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 à 18:00.


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