Training: SQL – Advanced Queries

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In this course, you will learn about advanced SQL expressions and operators, and how to use them efficiently to solve complex data extraction and insertion problems. You will learn how to deal with the needs of grouping, analyzing, sampling and retrieving hierarchical data.

Participant profiles

  • Developers, administrators, and advanced users who have to implement complex queries with SQL Server


  • Use decisional grouping functions
  • Implement analytical and windowing functions
  • Use complex update commands with the MERGE instruction
  • Insert, modify and delete data with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements


Course content

Module 1 : Views

  • Creating a new view
  • Listing views in SQL Server
  • Removing a view
  • Creating an indexed view

Module 2 :  Triggers

  • Creating a trigger in SQL Server
  • Creating a DDL trigger
  • Disabling triggers
  • Viewing the definition of a trigger
  • Listing all triggers in SQL Server
  • Removing triggers

Module 3 : Computed Columns

  • Introduction to SQL Computed Columns
  • Persisted computed columns
  • Adding computed columns to a table

Module 4 : Stored Procedures

  • Introduction to stored procedures
  • Parameters
  • Variables
  • Output Parameters

Module 5 : User Defined Functions

  • Introduction to SQL User Defined Functions
  • Scalar Functions
  • Table-Valued Functions
  • System Functions

Module 6 : Transactions and Error Handling

  • Introduction to SQL Transactions and Error Handling
  • How to handle exceptions gracefully in stored procedures
  • How to generate user-defined error messages
  • Raising an exception and transferring the execution

Module 7 : SQL Grouping Sets and Common Table Expressions

  • SQL Grouping Functions
  • Introduction to SQL Ranking Functions
  • What is a Common Table Expression?
  • Non-Recursive CTEs
  • Recursive CTE
  • Multiple CTE

Module 8 : Partitions

  • Introduction to SQL Partitions
  • Creating Table Partitions
  • Removing Table Partitions

Module 9 : Optimization

  • Describe SQL Server query plans
  • Explain estimated and actual query plans
  • Identify problematic query plans
  • Identify issues with a database design


  • Digital courseware included

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  • Digital documentation and materials
  • Achievement Badge

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