Training: SQL – Fundamentals and Queries

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Do you need to master the SQL language to communicate with databases? How to use efficiently the data from your databases? Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your skills and finally master the language of relational databases, this course will quickly teach you how to execute SQL queries and take advantage of the available data.

Participant profiles

  • Beginner to SQL


  • Exploit the contents of a relational database essentially based on SELECT queries


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1 : Introduction to SQL Usage and Terminology

  • What is SQL and What can SQL Do?
  • SQL Keyword Command Language and Hierarchy
  • Introduction and Usage of the Select Clause Statement

Module 2 : Executing A Simple Query

  • Connect to a SQL Database
  • Query a Database
  • Save a Query
  • Modify and Execute a Saved Query

Module 3 : Performing Queries Using Criteria Conditions

  • Query Using One or More Conditions
  • Query for a Range of Values and NULL Values
  • Query Data Using Wildcard Characters
  • Applying And/Or Operators
  • Format Column Headings with Aliases
  • Format Query Results Data

Module 4 : Summarizing Data with Mathematical Functions

  • Perform Date Calculations
  • Summarize Data Using Aggregate Functions
  • Manipulate Text Results with String Functions

Module 5: Organizing Query Data Results

  • Sort Data with “Order By” Clause
  • Group Data with “Group By” Clause
  • Rank Data Using “Rank” Function
  • Filter Grouped Data
  • Summarize Grouped Data
  • Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

Module 6 : Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

  • Understanding SQL Joins
  • Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
  • Combine the Results of Two Queries
  • Compare the Results of Two Queries
  • Introduction into Sub-Queries

Module 7 : Exporting Query Results

  • Export to Excel Workbook
  • Generate a Text File


  • Digital courseware included

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  • Digital documentation and materials
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