Training: Build a natural language processing solution with Azure AI Service (AI-3003)

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How to transform your applications with artificial intelligence through our comprehensive training ‘Build a Natural Language Processing Solution with Azure AI Services (AI-3003)‘. Specially designed for software developers, this one-day training equips you with the necessary skills to integrate AI capabilities into your projects using Azure AI and Azure AI Language services.

Whether you are familiar with C# or Python, you will learn to analyze text, create question-answer solutions, understand and implement natural language processing, classify texts, and much more. Enhance your application with text translation, custom named entity recognition, and the creation of speech-enabled applications, all while leveraging the powerful resources of Azure AI.

Participant profiles

  • Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • App Creator


  • Master the design of NLP solutions with Azure AI Language.
  • Create text analyses through preconfigured features.
  • Train models for custom language solutions.
  • Understand and synthesize speech.
  • Efficiently translate speech to text.


  • Understanding of Microsoft Azure and ease of use with the Azure portal.
  • Proficiency in the C# or Python programming language.
  • Knowledge of JSON and REST programming semantics.

Course content

Module 1: Analyzing Text with Azure AI Language

  • Provision an Azure AI Language resource
  • Detect language
  • Extract key phrases
  • Analyze sentiment
  • Extract entities
  • Extract linked entities

Module 2: Building a Question-Answering Solution

  • Understand question-answering
  • Compare question-answering to Azure AI language understanding
  • Create a knowledge base
  • Implement multi-turn conversation
  • Test and publish a knowledge base
  • Use a knowledge base
  • Enhance the performance of question-answering

Module 3: Building a Conversational Language Understanding Model

  • Understand the pre-built capabilities of Azure AI Language service
  • Understand the resources to build a conversational language understanding model
  • Define intents, utterances, and entities
  • Use models to differentiate similar utterances
  • Use pre-built entity components
  • Train, test, publish, and revise a conversational language understanding model

Module 4: Creating a Custom Text Classification Solution

  • Understand types of classification projects
  • Understand how to build text classification projects
  • Create a custom named entity extraction solution

Module 5: Understanding Custom Named Entity Recognition

  • Label your data
  • Train and evaluate your model

Module 6: Translating Text with Azure AI Translator Service

  • Provision an Azure AI Translator resource
  • Understand language detection, translation, and transliteration
  • Specify translation options
  • Define custom translations

Module 7: Creating Speech-Enabled Applications with Azure AI Services

  • Provision an Azure resource for speech
  • Use the Azure AI Speech to Text API
  • Use the Text to Speech API
  • Configure audio format and voices
  • Use Speech Synthesis Markup Language

Module 8: Translating Speech with Azure AI Speech Service

  • Provision an Azure resource for speech translation
  • Translate speech to text
  • Synthesize translations


  • Digital course material included

Complementary courses

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Additional information

Elevate Your AI Skills with Azure

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly redefining the boundaries of what’s possible, and our advanced AI-3003 course offers you a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills in natural language processing and text analysis through Azure AI Language. This training is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to not only comprehend but also apply AI principles in your projects.

From Theory to Practice: Text Analysis and Language Recognition

The core of this training lies in text analysis and advanced linguistic recognition. You will learn to detect language, extract key phrases, analyze sentiment, and identify significant entities in volumes of text. These skills are crucial for developing intelligent applications capable of understanding and interacting naturally with users.

Question-Answering Solutions: Beyond Simple Interaction

Creating sophisticated question-answering solutions is another cornerstone of our program. You will be introduced to building a robust knowledge base, essential for implementing multi-turn conversations and enhancing the performance of question-answering systems. This skill is indispensable for solution architects seeking to develop conversational AI models that improve user engagement.

Modeling Conversational Language Understanding

Discover how to build conversational language understanding models by defining intents, utterances, and entities. We will teach you to use patterns to distinguish similar utterances and to leverage pre-built entity components to refine the accuracy of your model. These skills are essential for developing chatbots and virtual assistants that can interpret and respond contextually to user requests.

Customization and Translation: Pushing the Boundaries of AI

Customizing text classification solutions and personalized named entity recognition add an extra layer of sophistication to your AI development toolkit. In parallel, you will explore the power of Azure AI Translator for language detection, translation, and transliteration, thus enriching your applications with multilingual capabilities.

Speech Integration: Towards Voice-Activated Applications

Integrating speech into applications via Azure AI services opens new avenues for human-computer interaction. Learn to use the Azure AI Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech APIs, configure audio formats, and translate speech in real time. These skills are crucial for creating voice-activated applications that offer a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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CHF 750.-
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  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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