Training: SAP S/4HANA – Overview, Sales and Purchasing management

Ref. SAP40-VEN


This official 11-day SAP S/4HANA combines the three following courses:

Participant profiles

  • Purchasing and inventory managers
  • Project managers
  • People in charge of business processes


  • Acquire the necessary skills to use the basic functions of the procurement process
  • Use the basic functions of purchasing, inventory management, invoice control, handling of inventory items and consumer items, service management, and customer service
  • To be certified “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement”
  • To be certified “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales”


  • No prerequisites

Course content

SAP S/4HANA – Overview
(2 Days)

Module 01: SAP S/4HANA Overview 

  • Describing SAP S/4HANA

Module 02: Navigation 

  • Using SAP Fiori
  • Using the SAP Business Client — Optional
  • Using SAP Logon (GUI)

Module 03: System-Wide Concepts 

  • Describing Organizational Units
  • Describing Master Data Concepts

Module 04: Logistics 

  • Using Purchase-to-Pay Processing
  • Using Plan-to-Produce Processing
  • Using Order-to-Cash Processing

Module 05: Accounting 

  • Using Financial Accounting (FI)
  • Using Management Accounting (CO)

Module 06: Human Capital Management (HCM) and SAP SuccessFactors 

  • Using SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

Module 07: Embedded Analytics 

  • Using Embedded Analytics

Module 08: SAP Activate and Best Practices 

  • Describing SAP Activate and Best Practices

Module 09: SAP Services 

  • Accessing SAP Services

SAP S/4HANA – Sourcing and Procurement
(3 day training, 1 day e-learning and 0.5 day for the certification)

Module 01: Navigation in SAP S/4HANA 

  • Identifying the SAP Fiori User Experience
  • Working with the SAP GUI

Module 02: Processes and Enterprise Structure in Procurement

  • Delineating Procurement Processes
  • Identifying the Organizational Units in Procurement

Module 03: Plain Procurement Process 

  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • Posting a Goods Receipt
  • Entering an Invoice

Module 04: Master Data in Procurement 

  • Maintaining Business Partner Master Data
  • Maintaining Material Master Data
  • Maintaining Purchasing Info Record
  • Analyzing Material Valuation

Module 05: Stock Material Compared with Consumable Material 

  • Comparing Procurement Processes for Stock and Consumption
  • Creating a Purchase Requisition
  • Creating a Purchase Order with Reference to a Purchase Requisition
  • Entering Valuated and Non-Valuated Goods Receipts

Module 06: Self-Service Requisition 

  • Performing a Self-Service Process
  • Confirming a Goods Receipt

Module 07: Advanced Transactions in Procurement 

  • Maintaining a Purchasing Contract
  • Creating a Purchase Requisition with Source Determination
  • Using Advanced Transactions for Purchase Order Creation
  • Using the Advanced Transaction for Goods Receipt
  • Using the Advanced Transaction for Invoice Verification

Module 08: Automated Procurement Process 

  • Running Materials Requirements Planning
  • Generating Purchase Orders Automatically
  • Creating Invoices Automatically Using Evaluated Receipt Settlement

Module 09: Reporting and Analytics 

  • Using Analytical Apps
  • Using the Procurement Overview App

Module 10: Certification

  • Exam SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement (C_TS452)

SAP S/4HANA – Sales
(3 day training, 1 day e-learning and 0.5 day for the certification)

Module 01: Navigation with SAP Fiori 

  • Identifying Key Features of SAP Fiori

Module 02: Enterprise Structures 

  • Identifying Enterprise Structures in SAP S/4HANA Sales

Module 03: Overview of Sales Processes 

  • Executing SAP S/4HANA Sales Processes
  • Processing Sales Documents
  • Processing Outbound Deliveries
  • Shipping Goods
  • Processing Billing Documents

Module 04: Master Data 

  • Maintaining Business Partner Master Data
  • Maintaining Material Master Data
  • Maintaining Customer-Material Info Records
  • Maintaining Condition Master Data for Pricing
  • Explaining Additional Master Data Topics

Module 05: Automatic Data Determination and Scheduling 

  • Analyzing the Results of Automatic Data Determination
  • Analyzing the Results of Delivery and Transportation Scheduling

Module 06: Availability Check 

  • Performing an Availability Check – Basics
  • Performing an Availability Check – Further Topics

Module 07: Collective Processing 

  • Executing Collective Processing

Module 08: Additional Processes in Sales 

  • Using Presales Documents
  • Executing Make-to-Order Production
  • Selling Service Products

Module 09: Complaints Processing 

  • Creating Credit Memo Requests
  • Cancelling Billing Documents
  • Creating Returns

Module 10: Monitoring and Sales Analytics 

  • Utilizing the Sales Order Fulfillment App
  • Managing Sales Plans
  • Using Analytical Apps

Module 11: Certification

  • Exam SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales (C_TS462)


  • Digital courseware included


  • This training prepares you for the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement (C_TS452) and SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Sales (C_TS462) exam included in the course price.

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  • Preparation for the exam
  • Official SAP documentation and labs
  • Exam registration fee

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