Training: Monterey – Introduction to macOS 12

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This one-day preparatory course is for those new to macOS and need to prepare for the “Monterey – macOS Support Essentials 12” Apple training. Starting with the interface of macOS Monterey, we will discuss the concepts, we will go through the different applications offered as standard and we will customize the system. You will also learn how to set up user accounts and how to manage security and files.

Participant profiles

  • New Mac users, whether or not from the PC world, wanting to acquire the knowledge required to support the first level maintenance of macOS systems and networks


  • Install macOS Monterey Perform first level maintenance
  • Using the graphical interface
  • Configure backup, access to network services and remote control of a Mac


  • Knowledge of IT tools in general and notions of operating systems (Windows, macOS)

Course content

Module 1: Acquisition of macOS Big Sur

  • Apple ID (Apple ID)
  • Install and reinstall macOS Big Sur (getting the installer)
  • The roles and uses of the Recovery partition

Module 2: Discovery of the new interface

  • Migration assistant
  • The Finder
  • Floating Dock and menu bar for quick access to apps, recent apps and documents
  • Hiding the menu bar and Dock
  • HomeKit Supported Sirila Voice Assistant
  • The Notification Center to always be alerted
  • The display of modal windows (dialogue with the user)
  • The customizable Control Center (quick access to essential functions)
  • The new Notification Center
  • Screen time: usage reports, schedule downtime, app limits
  • Applications and their documents
  • The Mac App Store
  • LaunchPad for quick access to your applications
  • Mission Control and its virtual spaces (Spaces)
  • Managing active corners
  • Additional screens and menu bar and Dock tracking
  • The main System Preferences
  • The Battery System preference (replacing Energy Saving)
  • Simplified data exchange via AirDrop
  • The dynamic wallpaper
  • Batteries on the desk
  • Hello, to discover services on your network
  • Plans to discover the world in 3D
  • Books to read your books anywhere with your Mac
  • Internet browsing with Safari
  • Customizing the Safari Wallpaper
  • The start page dashboard (customizable home page)
  • The confidentiality report (site monitoring report, security, etc.)
  • ICloud tabs
  • Preview websites in tabs
  • Website translation
  • Managing compromised passwords
  • Manage your documents in the Cloud
  • Internet accounts (iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Take screenshots
  • Continuity and interactions with an iPhone (insert a photo, scan a document)
  • Accessibility functions
  • Messages

Module 3: Time Machine

  • Prerequisites for using Time Machine (file system)
  • Activating Time Machine
  • The fine configuration of Time Machine
  • Using multiple backup destinations (home, office)
  • Limitations (files excluded by default, type of hard drive, data encryption)
  • Find and restore files with Time Machine

Module 4: Printing

  • The macOS printing system
  • Printing protocols and AirPrint
  • Adding local and network printer
  • Share your printer
  • Maintenance of the printing system

Module 5: Security at the heart of the system

  • Read-only system volume and volume for user data
  • System volume signed by encryption:
  • Better protection against malicious tampering
  • Launching background updates
  • FileVault 2: concept and use
  • The different types of password: Firmware, user, keychain, resource
  • The access keychain to keep your login credentials to the various servers and your secure notes
  • The Keychain Access in the Cloud
  • GateKeeper and notarization
  • Find My and Activation Lock on Macs with T2 Chips
  • The application firewall
  • Detection of weak and recurring passwords in Safari
  • Permission to access folders and files from all applications
  • Approve with Apple Watch: View passwords and approve the installation of an App

Module 6: Network Network configurations

  • The order of network services
  • Reminder on IP addresses
  • Remote Control of a Mac with Screen Sharing


  • Digital courseware included

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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  • Digital documentation and materials
  • Achievement badge

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