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Training: Scrum Product Owner

Ref. PSPO-01
14 PDUs


This course teaches participants how to be Agile program, product, or IT development managers in a complex environment. It presents the role of the Product Owner and covers the creation and retention of value. Participants learn how to work effectively with the competing priorities of the clients, the marketplace, and their business while managing risks in an ever-changing environment.

Participant profiles

  • Product managers responsible for optimizing the value of their products or line of products


  • Learn to maximize the ROI
  • Use strategies allowing to maximize the flexibility and responsiveness of existing software products


  • Have basic Scrum knowledge
  • Be able to read and understand a multiple choice test (for evaluation)
  • To read before the course the Scrum Guide available for free, click here

Course content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduce the instructor, the class, complexity and Scrum

Module 2: Value-Driven Development

  • The primary job of a product manager is to increase the value created by the product for which he or she is responsible. This section covers value drivers, and strategies for measuring them

Module 3: Product Management

  • Agile product management is different than traditional approaches. This section explores those differences

Module 4: Plan a Release

  • A release is often the first step to realizing value. What better way to learn how to plan a release than to do it? Here participants cover the basics of identifying a release goal and requirements, prioritization, estimation, adjustment, and baseline planning

Module 5: Managing Requirements

  • The Product Backlog is the fuel that feeds the development team, and managing it is one of the primary roles of the Scrum Product Owner. Here you will learn about User Stories, prioritization and organization strategies, and Product Backlog grooming

Module 6: Release Planning

  • What does a good release look like? What impact can a bad release have? This section explores release strategies and how to optimize the delivery of value with them

Module 7: Managing Releases

  • Here we discuss how to manage the development of a release in the most cost-effective, Agile way possible to meet commitments and maximize ROI. Participants also learn how to adapt to realities that emerge during the development of a release

Module 8: Managing Products

  • Total Cost of Ownership is fundamental to successfully managing a product. How do you balance between optimizing the value of a release and maximizing the value of the product or system as an asset for the organization?

Module 9: Scaling

  • Understand how to apply all of the above learning in a multi-product, distributed, large organization that supports many customers and users with contractual service level agreements


  • Courseware included


All participants taking this course will receive a Voucher to take the Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) exam:

  • Trading score: 85%
  • Limited time: 120 minutes
  • Format: Multiple choice and test
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Language: English only

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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Preparation for the exam
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Exam registration fee

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