Training: Microsoft Project

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This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to master Microsoft Project.

Participant profiles

  • Any person who want to discover or reinforce knowledge in the Microsoft Project tool and to use it efficiently


  • Understand the Project Interface
  • Create a new project
  • Plan Project Tasks
  • Plan Project Resources
  • Work with Project Assignments
  • Track project progress
  • Use Microsoft Project variance analysis and change control
  • Create and use project reports
  • Close out projects
  • Work with Project custom fields


  • General Project Management knowledge
  • Understand basic scheduling principles

Course content

Module 1: Project Management Overview
  • Lesson 1: Small review of project management basics
Module 2: Microsoft Project Overview
  • Lesson 1: Quick travel across Microsoft Project components
Module 3: Project Definition
  • Lesson 1: Some set-ups when starting-up a project
Module 4: Project Task Planning
  • Lesson 1: Identify, organize, and estimate project’s tasks
Module 5: Project Resource Planning
  • Lesson 1: Identify and define characteristics of resources (e.g. availability, costs)
Module 6: Project Assignment Planning
  • Lesson 1: Estimate resources required to carry out project’s tasks and assign them
Module 7: Project Plan Fine-Tuning
  • Lesson 1: Develop the schedule (e.g. optimization, resource leveling)
Module 8: Project Presentation and Reporting (Views, Reports, and Visual Reports)
  • Lesson 1: Discover different ways to display, print, and present a project (view’s customization)
  • Lesson 1: Discover and adapt built-in reports
  • Lesson 1: Export data to Excel or Visio to use existing diagrams or reports
Module 9: Project Execution
  • Lesson 1:Record actual values measured on tasks execution
Module 10: Project Tracking (Variance Analysis, Plan Revision, and Change Control)
  • Lesson 1: Review the project plan, evaluate variance between actual values and planned values, produce forecasts according to current performance
  • Lesson 2: Evaluate and include approved requests for change into the schedule baseline
Module 11: Project Closure
  • Lesson 1:Evaluate the project’s performance
Module 12: Consolidating multiple projects
  • Lesson 1: Manage a project and its sub-projects
  • Lesson 2: Manage centrally resources shared amongst multiple projects
Module 13: Examination Preparation


Companion book “Microsoft Project Step-by-step”

Lab / Exercises

There is no dedicated labs within this course, as attendees will practice directly all features and options with Microsoft Project using a study-case.

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  • Digital documentation and materials
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