Training: PRINCE2® 6th Edition – Foundation and Practitioner

Ref. PRINCE2-03
28 PDUs


PRINCE2® is an efficient and effective project management methodology for all kinds of projects. It is widely recognized and more and more companies and organisation are using it. It is a structuring approach and brings strong basis to manage your projects with success.

This combined course (Foundation + Practitioner) allows participants to understand the PRINCE2® project management method and to demonstrate their ability to apply PRINCE2® and adapt it to the context of a project. through a case study.

The first part covers all the elements of PRINCE2®, their interrelationships and how to adapt PRINCE2® to the contexts of your projects. Participants will be able to simulate the application of PRINCE2® with hands-on case study exercises and will be prepared to take their PRINCE2® Foundation exam.

The second part reviews the how to adapt PRINCE2® to the context of a project and prepares participants to take their PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.

Participant profiles

  • Any professional having to manage any type of project


  • Become familiar with all the elements of the PRINCE2® project management method
  • Understand why and how to apply the principles, themes, processes and 26 management products (structured information) of PRINCE2®
  • Get templates of documents that can be used right after the course
  • Demonstrate their ability to adopt and adapt PRINCE2®
  • Simulate the Practitioner Exam on the basis of a scenario
  • Take the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exams (included in the course price)


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Part 1: Foundation (3 days, exam included)

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview of key concepts, such as what is a project, project management, PRINCE2®, a PRINCE2® project, the context of a project, the maturity of project management.


Module 2: Principles

  • PRINCE2® apply 7 principles that must be applied in order to reduce most important impediments and increase chance of success for your projects


Module 3: Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2®

  • PRINCE2® need to be adopted, then adapted to be the most efficient as possible and deliver high quality products


Module 4: Themes

PRINCE2® themes describe the aspects of project management that must be addressed continuously as the project progresses through its lifecycle.

Lesson 1: Business Case (why?)

  • Investment in projects and resources must be justified in order to create the best value for business. The project must be desirable and achievable and viable.

Lesson 2: Organization (who?)

  • Well defined roles and responsibilities with clear decision-making, delegation and controlling mechanisms

Lesson 3: Quality (what?)

  • Quality is one of the six aspects of performance for a project. It must be carefully defined, planned, and controlled in order to deliver a product that is fit for purpose.

Lesson 4: Plans (how? When?)

  • Define and correctly analyse project product and its components, along with the best mean to deliver them, facilite communication, and control your project to keep it align with your plans.

Lesson 5: Risk (what if?)

  • Events may occur during the project with positive or negative impacts. Therefore, we have to identify, assess and control uncertainty and, as a result, improve the probability of prjects to succeed.

Lesson 6: Change (what’s the impact?)

  • In order to deliver the best product, changes will be accepted as long as they create value.

Lesson 7: Progress (where are we?)

  • It is critical to know the current status of a project or a stage. Progress theme helps to monitor the progress of projects, to control any deviations, and to provide forecasts for the project objectives.


Module 5: Processes

PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management. A process is a set of tasks carried out to deliver a predefined result.

Lesson 1: Starting up a project

  • Determines whether prerequisites for initiating a project are in place and if this project is viable and worthwhile.

Lesson 2: Directing a project

  • Enable Project Board to be accountable for the project by making key decisions and exercising overall control.

Lesson 3: Initiating a project

  • Establish solid foundations for the project, enabling the organization to understand the work that needs to be done.

Lesson 4: Controlling a stage

  • Ensure that work is done according to plans.

Lesson 5: Managing product delivery

  • Produce and deliver accepted products as agreed with the Project Manager.

Lesson 6: Managing stage boundary

  • Prepare material for the Project Board to validate last stage, reassess the Business Case, and authorize next stage.

Lesson 7: Closing a project

  • Confirm that the project is product, verify thah objectives are met and ensure that project has nothing more to contribute.


Module 6: Exam preparation

  • PRINCE2® Foundation examination


Part 2: Practitioner (1.5 days, exam included)

Module 1: High level review

  • Review the 4 integrated elements and the 26 management products

Module 2: Tailoring PRINCE2 (reminders)

  • Review some typical projects’ context and review what could be tailored and how it could be

Module 3: PRINCE2 review and questions

  • Discover types of questions and get some tips and tricks
  • Review the 7 themes and 7 processes and answer (and analyse) questions from mock exam
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner examination

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


Official courseware “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®”

Lab / Exercises

Part 1 : Foundation

  • Exercice 1: Create an outline Business Case
  • Exercice 2: Determine who is the most suitable people to be allocated to PRINCE2® roles
  • Exercice 3: Prepare a Project Product Description
  • Exercice 4: Produce a Product Breakdown Structure, a Product Description, and a Product Flow Diagram
  • Exercice 5: Identify and manage some risks
  • Exercice 6: 2 phases exercise: 1) Imagine 3 issues and give them to another team 2) Answer to received issues

Part 2 : Practitioner

  • Exercice 1: List and position themes, processes and management products
  • Exercice 2: Answer and analyse questions from a mock exam


The first part of this bundle course prepares you for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam (included in the course price)

  • This examination is a 60 multiple-choice questions,
  • Lasts 60 minutes,
  • Passing score is 55%.

If you are a PMP® credential holder, this course gives you 21 PDUs.


The second part of this course prepares for the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam (included in the course price)

  • This exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions based on a scenario and its complements,
  • It lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes,
  • The correct answer rate must be 55%,
  • It is open book, only the official book is allowed.

If you hold the PMP® certificate, you will receive 7 PDUs.

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