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Training: PRINCE2® Foundation 7th Edition

Ref. PRINCE2-E7-01
21 PDUs


We train you in project management

This course helps participants to understand the PRINCE2® project management method well. It covers all elements of PRINCE2®, their interrelationships, and how to adapt PRINCE2® to the context of a project. Participants will be able to start getting familiar with PRINCE2® through practical exercises based on a case study and prepare to pass their PRINCE2® Foundation exam successfully.

We prepare you for the PRINCE2® 7 Foundation certification exam

This training supports you and prepares you optimally to pass your PRINCE2®7 Foundation certification exam successfully. This certification demonstrates your good understanding of the different concepts of the methodology and is an integral part of the PRINCE2® Practitioner curriculum.

Participant profiles

  • Any professional having the responsibility to successfully manage any kind of project


  • Be familiar with the entire scope of the PRINCE2® method
  • Understand the purpose and contents of the principles, themes, processes and management products and appreciate how these are to be applied in a project
  • Understand how PRINCE2® can be tailored to suit different project requirements
  • Expand your knowledge thanks to a range of exercises and practical case studies
  • Obtain sample documentation that you can use in your own projects even after the course is over
  • Pass Foundation exam having reviewed sample exam content and questions (included in the course price)


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: Introduction to the Fundamentals of PRINCE2® 7

  • General Overview of the Course
  • Details on Course Format A
  • Overview of PRINCE2

Module 2: Introduction to PRINCE2® 7 Project Management

  • Definition and Characteristics of a Project
  • Integrated Elements of PRINCE2®
  • Features and Benefits of PRINCE2®
  • User/Supplier Context

Module 3: Understanding Human Impact in Project Management

  • Identification of Stakeholders
  • Change Management
  • Leadership in Project Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Practical Applications

Module 4: Organization

  • Composition of the Project Management Team
  • Responsibilities within the Management
  • Identification of Key Roles

Module 5: Launching and Initiating a Project in PRINCE®2

  • Differences Between Launching and Initiating
  • Project Brief
  • Project Initiation Documentation
  • Key Points to Communicate

Module 6: The Importance of the Business Case

  • Assessing Estimated Costs Against Anticipated Benefits
  • Managing Potential Risks
  • Measuring Expected Benefits

Module 7: The Central Role of Plans in Project Management

  • Facilitating Communication through Plans
  • Control through Definition of Delivery Means
  • Dependence of Other Practices on Planning

Module 8: The Importance of Quality in Achieving Expectations

  • Meeting Expectations and Expected Benefits
  • Interdependence between Quality and Planning
  • Integrating Quality from the Early Stages of the Project

Module 9: Risk Management in Projects

  • Understanding Uncertainty and Risks in Projects
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Control and Impact on Project Objectives

Module 10: Collaboration between Project Manager and Team Leader

  • Aligned Processes of “Controlling a Stage” and “Managing Product Delivery”
  • Ensuring Timely Delivery of Products at Each Stage
  • Adherence to Predefined Tolerances

Module 11: Managing Phase Transitions

  • Process of Managing the Closure of a Stage

Module 12: Issues and Changes

  • Managing Issues and Changes in the Organization

Module 13: Progress

  • Control and Awareness of Project Progress

Module 14: Closing a Project

  • End of Project and Handover of Information and Responsibilities

Module 15: Directing a Project

  • Process of Directing a Project

Module 16: Review of Key Points and Exam Preparation

  • Review key learning points of the course, as well as important aspects related to exams

PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used with the permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


Official courseware “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®”

Lab / Exercises

  • Exercice 1: Create an outline Business Case
  • Exercice 2: Determine who is the most suitable to fit PRINCE2® roles
  • Exercice 3: Prepare a Project Product Description
  • Exercice 4: Produce a Product Breakdown Structure, a Product Description and a Product Flow Diagram
  • Exercice 5: Identify and manage some risks
  • Exercice 6: 2 phases exercise:
    • Imagine 3 issues and give them to another team
    • Answer to received issues

These exercices listed here are indicative and may be completed with complementary labs depending on participamts’ objectives and available time.


This course prepares for the PRINCE2® 7 Foundation exam (included in the price of this training)

Duration: 60 minutes
60 multiple choice questions
You must correctly answer 55% of the questions
Available only in English

If you hold the PMP® title, this course grants you 21 PDUs.

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Prix de l'inscription
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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Preparation for the exam
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Exam registration fee

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