Training: Outlook – Fundamentals

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This course is specifically designed for individuals who have little to no prior experience with Microsoft Outlook and aim to gain proficiency in utilizing its primary features. This training provides a solid foundation and practical guidance to navigate and harness the power of this popular email and personal information management application.

Participant profiles

  • New or inexperienced Microsoft Outlook users


  • Navigate in Outlook and manage the main options
  • Create and manage messages
  • Work with the calendar
  • Manage contacts


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: Environment and configuration

  • Outlook’s interface
  • Navigating in Outlook
  • Managing absences
  • Customizing the message list display
  • Creating new folders
  • Managing printing options

Module 2: Using the mailbox

  • Creating, sending, answering, and transferring a message
  • Defining a message’s importance
  • Defining and marking the options for tracking a message
  • Marking messages as read or unread
  • Working with the conversation display and its history
  • Adding a signature
  • Working with categories
  • Creating and managing rules and alerts
  • Spell check
  • Recognizing spam
  • Checking the mailbox’ size

Module 3: The Calendar

  • Customizing the calendar display
  • Creating an appointment, a meeting
  • Inviting participants
  • Accepting/refusing an invitation

Module 4: Managing contacts

  • Creating/Deleting a contact
  • Creating and modifying a group of contacts
  • Managing the contact display
  • Editing a business card linked to a contact
  • Searching tools


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practice exercises will be given at the end of each module

Complementary courses

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Additional information

  • As we care about the quality of our training, ITTA offers you an online skills assessment test before and after your course so that you can evaluate your progress
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  • Evaluation of your level before and after the training
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Achievement Badge

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