Training: ICDL ADVANCED – Word Processing – AM3

Ref. ECDL3-AM3


This course covers skills needed for the professional use of a word processing programme, e.g. using fields, forms and templates.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone who already have advanced knowledge of Word word processing and wish to obtain ICDL certification


  • Apply advanced text, paragraph, column and table formatting. Maintain a consistent design through the use of character and paragraph styles
  • Work with referencing features like footnotes, endnotes and captions. Manage citations and bibliography using a chosen citation style. Create tables of contents, indexes and cross-references
  • Enhance productivity by using fields, forms and templates
  • Apply advanced mail merge techniques and work with automation features like macros
  • Use linking and embedding features to integrate data
  • Collaborate on and review documents locally or online. Apply document security features
  • Work with watermarks, sections, and headers and footers in a document. Use a thesaurus and manage spell check settings


  • Advanced word processing skills and/or ICDL BASE – Word Processing (BM3)

Course content

Chapter 1: Formatting

  • Module 1: Text
    • Apply text wrapping options for graphical objects (picture, chart, diagram, drawn object), tables
    • Use find and replace options like: matching case, whole words, font formats, paragraph formats, paragraph marks, page breaks
    • Use paste special options: formatted text, unformatted text
  • Module 2: Paragraphs
    • Apply line spacing within paragraphs: at least, exactly/ fixed, multiple/proportional
    • Apply, remove paragraph pagination options
    • Apply, modify outline numbering in multi-level lists
  • Module 3: Styles
    • Recognise good practice in maintaining consistent and accessible design and format throughout a document by using styles, alternative text
    • Create, modify, update a character style
    • Create, modify, update a paragraph style
  • Module 4: Columns
    • Apply multiple column layouts. Change number of columns in a column layout
    • Change column widths and spacing. Insert, remove lines between columns
    • Insert, delete a column break
  • Module 5: Tables
    • Apply a table autoformat/table style
    • Merge, split cells in a table. Split a table
    • Change cell margins, alignment, text direction
    • Automatically repeat heading row(s) at the top of each page
    • Allow, do not allow row(s) to break across pages
    • Sort data by one column, by multiple columns at the same time
    • Convert delimited text to a table
    • Convert a table to text

Chapter 2: Referencing

  • Module 1: Captions, Footnotes and Endnotes
    • Add a caption above, below a graphical object, table
    • Add, delete a caption label
    • Change caption number format
    • Insert, modify footnotes, endnotes
    • Convert a footnote to an endnote. Convert an endnote to a footnote
  • Module 2: Citations and Bibliography
    • Insert, edit a citation like: book, article, conference proceedings, website, report
    • Set, modify citation style
    • Create, update a bibliography
  • Module 3: Reference Tables and Indexes
    • Create, update a table of contents based on specified heading styles and formats
    • Create, update a table of figures based on specified styles and formats
    • Edit a table of contents, table of figures like: heading styles, format, leaders
    • Mark an index: main entry, subentry. Delete a marked index entry
    • Create, update an index based on marked index entries
  • Module 4: Bookmarks and Cross-References
    • Add, delete a bookmark
    • Create, update, delete a cross-reference to: numbered item, heading, bookmark, figure, table
    • Add a cross-reference to an index entry

Chapter 3: Enhancing Productivity

  • Module 1: Using Fields
    • Insert, delete fields like: file name and path, file size, total page number
    • Insert a formula field code in a table like: sum, average, count
    • Change field number, date format
    • Lock, unlock, update a field
  • Module 2: Forms, Templates
    • Create, modify a form using available form field options: text field, check box, drop-down menu
    • Protect, unprotect a form
    • Save a document as a template, modify a template
    • Modify the default template
  • Module 3: Mail Merge
    • Edit, sort, filter a mail merge recipient list
    • Insert ask, if… then… else… fields
    • Merge a document with a recipient list using given merge criteria
  • Module 4: Linking, Embedding
    • Create a simple chart in a document
    • Link data from a document, application and display as an object, icon
    • Update, break a link
    • Embed data into a document as an object
    • Edit, delete embedded data
  • Module 5: Automation
    • Modify automatic text formatting options
    • Create, modify, delete automatic text correction entries
    • Create, modify, insert, delete automatic text entries
    • Record a simple macro like: change page setup, insert a table with a repeating heading row, insert fields in document header, footer
    • Run a macro
    • Assign a macro to a custom button

Chapter 4: Collaborative Editing

  • Module 1: Tracking and Reviewing
    • Turn on, off track changes. Track changes in a document locally, online using a specified display view
    • Accept, reject changes in a document locally, online
    • Insert, edit, delete, show, hide comments/notes in a document locally, online
    • Compare and merge documents
  • Module 2: Security
    • Add, remove password protection for a document: to open, to modify
    • Protect a document to only allow tracked changes or comments

Chapter 5: Preparing Outputs

  • Module 1 : Sections
    • Create, modify, delete section breaks in a document
    • Change page orientation, page vertical alignment, margins for sections of a document
  • Module 2: Document Setup
    • Apply different headers and footers to sections, first page, odd and even pages in a document
    • Add, modify, remove a watermark in a document
  • Module 3: Spelling, Thesaurus
    • Set, modify default spell check language
    • Use Thesaurus to search, insert alternative word(s)


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practice exercises will be offered during and at the end of each module


  • This course prepares for the exam ICDL ADVANCED – Word Processing (AM3). If you wish to take this exam, please contact our secretariat who will let you know the cost of the exam and will take care of all the necessary administrative procedures for you

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  • Exam fee (Skills Card not included)
  • Pre-training level evaluation
  • Digital documentation

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