Training: PowerPoint – Creating a presentation with method

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Presentations are powerful tools for communicating ideas, inspiring the audience, and achieving your goals. However, to create an impactful presentation, it is essential to follow a methodical approach. Throughout this training, we will explore techniques and best practices for designing compelling slides, organizing your ideas coherently, and captivating your audience from start to finish.

Participant profiles

  • PowerPoint users who want to become more efficient when creating their presentations


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation with a good methodology
  • Lay out your texts in the most suitable way
  • Insert, manage and animate complex graphic objects (graphics, SmartArt, connectors, etc.)
  • Use all the features of the Design/Create ribbon


  • To know how to use the basic functions of the software such as opening a presentation, creating a slide, simple page layouts

Course content

Module 01: Environment and Slideshow

  • Recognizing the different display modes
  • Creating a presentation from an outline
  • Working in outline mode
  • Inserting headers and footers
  • Inserting sections
  • Changing the orientation of slides
  • Saving in PDF format
  • Mastering printing options
  • Configuring slide show mode

Module 02: Managing paragraphs and tables

  • Managing font styles
  • Modifying character spacing and line spacing
  • Applying text effects
  • Splitting text into columns
  • Entering text in a form
  • Using tabs
  • Using the thesaurus and spell checker
  • Applying/modifying table styles

Module 03: Managing Complex Graphic Objects

  • Inserting various graphic objects (graph, SmartArt diagram)
  • Inserting complex shapes (connectors, bubbles, etc.)
  • Modifying the order of objects (background, foreground)
  • Use the Selection pane
  • Crop an image
  • Duplicate an object
  • Applying a simple animation such as a predefined trajectory to a text or an object

Module 04: Design/Creation Ribbon

  • Applying a background
  • Use template variants
  • Change theme colours
  • Change theme fonts


  • Digital course material included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practice exercises will be given at the end of each module

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  • Evaluation of your level before and after the training
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Documentation in digital format
  • Achievement Badge

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