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Training: Good practices for a successful telephone reception

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Answering a call from an annoyed, threatening, or angry customer can be a daunting task. How to manage your aggressiveness ? How to calm him down and act on his request?
This training will allow you to acquire the tools and the confidence necessary so that each customer phone conversation is a moment of constructive, solution-oriented discussions.

Participant profiles

  • Call center employees
  • Support technicians
  • Anyone else who needs to answer the phone


  • Conducting and manage phone conversation
  • Improve their oral expression in order to gain confidence in the face of their interlocutor
  • Develop their assertiveness in order to better respond to requests
  • Handle difficult situations


  • No prerequisites

Course content

How goes a telephone cal
The rules of oral communication
The basic communication tools:

  • questioning
  • reformulation
  • active listening
  • non-violent communication

The identification of the needs and expectations of his interlocutor
Managing difficult situations:

  • calls that drag on
  • the aggressiveness of his interlocutor
  • complaints and claims

Stress management – tips and tricks
Scenarios based on fictitious situations and / or experienced by the participants


  • Digital courseware included

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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CHF 1'300.-
Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Customized situational activities tailored to your challenges
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

jeu01Aoû09:00ven02(Aoû 2)17:00VirtuelVirtual Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

jeu01Aoû09:00ven02(Aoû 2)17:00Genève, Route des Jeunes 33B, 1227 Carouge Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

jeu26Sep(Sep 26)09:00ven27(Sep 27)17:00VirtuelVirtual Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

jeu26Sep(Sep 26)09:00ven27(Sep 27)17:00Lausanne, Avenue Mon repos 24, 1005 Lausanne Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

jeu21Nov(Nov 21)09:00ven22(Nov 22)17:00VirtuelVirtual Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

jeu21Nov(Nov 21)09:00ven22(Nov 22)17:00Genève, Route des Jeunes 33B, 1227 Carouge Etiquettes de sessionCOM-TELE

Horaires d’ouverture

Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 à 18:00.


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Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 06:00 pm.

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