Certification: ICDL Advanced

Stand out with in-depth expertise.

ICDL Advanced Certification

Why Obtain the ICDL Advanced Certification?

  • Professional Recognition: Enhance your CV and stand out in the job market with a certification recognized across Europe.
  • Rich Curriculum: Our ICDL Advanced courses cover four key modules: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, and Presentation. From basic computing to advanced techniques, ICDL Advanced spans a sophisticated spectrum of office skills.
  • In-depth Skills: Broaden your range of IT skills and be capable of managing complex computer projects.
  • Increased Confidence: Strengthen your confidence in using advanced digital tools and take initiatives with assurance.

The ICDL Advanced certification is a pivotal step for those who wish to bolster their computer expertise. By choosing it, you open the door to new professional opportunities and advanced mastery of tools.

ICDL Advanced Certification




Next steps

  • Take at least 1 Advanced module and pass the corresponding exam.


  • ICDL Advanced Certificate

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