Certification: ICDL Standard

Master digital tools and strengthen your professional profile.

ICDL Standard Certification

Why choose the ICDL Standard certification?

  • Globally recognized: The ICDL Standard certification has already helped thousands of professionals stand out in over 100 countries.
  • A comprehensive curriculum: Our ICDL Standard courses cover five key modules: Using Databases, Presentation, Online Collaboration, IT Security, and Image Editing. From basic computer skills to advanced techniques, ICDL Standard spans a wide and relevant range of digital skills.
  • Boost your career: With ICDL Standard, showcase your office skills. Enhance your employability and enrich your resume.
  • Qualified trainers: Our courses are led by computer experts, ensuring high-quality training.

Whether you’re a professional, student, or business, the ICDL Standard strengthens your stance. It’s the perfect tool to enhance your resume or train your staff. Seize the opportunity to excel digitally. Join us and boost your career with the ICDL Standard.

ICDL Advanced Certification




Next steps

  • Follow 3 Standard modules of your choice and take the corresponding 3 exams.


  • ICDL Standard Certificate

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