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Training: Develop custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (AI-3016)

Ref. AI-3016

Develop custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (AI-3016)

Explore the power of generative AI with Azure AI Studio! Learn to create innovative AI applications, such as custom copilots, through our training: Develop custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (AI-3016). Master prompt flows, understand the lifecycle of language model applications, and discover how to leverage your own data to develop effective solutions.

Develop responsible generative AI by identifying and mitigating potential risks. Join our program “Develop custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (AI-3016)” and turn your ideas into reality with Azure AI Studio.

Participant profiles

  • Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Scientist


  • Master Azure AI Studio
  • Develop language model applications (LLM)
  • Explore prompt flows and their components
  • Create custom copilots based on RAG
  • Implement responsible generative AI


  • Before starting this course, it is recommended to master the fundamental concepts and services of AI in Azure.

Course content

Module 1: Introduction to Azure AI Studio

  • Understand what Azure AI Studio is
  • Learn how Azure AI Studio works
  • Discover when to use Azure AI Studio

Module 2: Getting Started with Prompt Flow to Develop Language Model Applications in Azure AI Studio

  • Understand the lifecycle of developing a large language model (LLM) application
  • Understand key components and explore flow types
  • Explore connections and runtimes
  • Explore variants and monitoring options

Module 3: Create a RAG-based Copilot Solution with Your Own Data Using Azure AI Studio

  • Understand how to ground your language model
  • Make your data searchable
  • Create a copilot with a prompt flow

Module 4: Responsible Generative AI in AI Studio

  • Plan a responsible generative AI solution
  • Identify potential harms
  • Measure potential harms
  • Mitigate potential harms
  • Operate a responsible generative AI solution


  • Digital course materials included

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Additional information

Create Custom Copilots with Azure AI Studio (AI-3016)

Introduction to Azure AI Studio

Azure AI Studio stands out as an essential platform for developing customized artificial intelligence solutions. This training aims to provide you with an in-depth mastery of its tools, enabling you to create effective and tailored AI copilots.

Understanding Azure AI Studio

Azure AI Studio offers a comprehensive environment for designing and deploying AI solutions. This section will highlight the platform’s main features, explaining how it facilitates the development of innovative and high-performance artificial intelligence projects.

Developing Language Model Applications

Developing applications based on language models (LLM) is at the heart of modern AI. We will cover the different stages of an LLM’s lifecycle, focusing on critical components and best practices for successful integration.

Creating Custom AI Copilots

Creating AI copilots with Azure AI Studio significantly enhances user interaction. This segment will guide you in using your own data to design a copilot, incorporating grounding techniques and data search capabilities.

Responsible Generative AI

The responsible use of generative AI is crucial to avoid negative impacts. This section explores methods to plan and execute AI solutions while minimizing potential risks, with a focus on ethics and safety.

By choosing this training on Azure AI Studio (AI-3016), you will develop valuable expertise in creating custom AI copilots. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this course offers practical and theoretical skills to successfully lead your AI projects. Join us and discover how Azure AI Studio can transform your artificial intelligence capabilities.

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CHF 850.-

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