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Training: Microsoft Office Specialist – MOS PowerPoint Associate



We prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification: PowerPoint Associate

This course prepares you to take the official Microsoft MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint 365 / 2019 exam.

Learn how to use the advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the best known and most used presentation tool in business office. This training will provide you with all the knowledge necessary for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification: PowerPoint Associate. Discover how to create your daily PowerPoint documents, how to bring different forms of content to them and ultimately optimize their presentation.

Demonstrate that you have the skills to get the most out of PowerPoint by earning the Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate certification. This certification demonstrates skills in creating, modifying, and improving presentations and slideshows.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone in need to master the main functions offered by PowerPoint software
  • Anyone who want to be certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): PowerPoint Associate


  • Create and manage presentations
  • Insert and format text, shapes and images
  • Insert tables, charts, SmartArt and media
  • Apply transitions and animations
  • Manage multiple presentations


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: Creating a presentation

  • Creating a new presentation
  • Creating a presentation based on a template
  • Importing Word document outlines

Module 2: Inserting and formatting slides

  • Inserting specific slide layouts
  • Duplicating existing slides
  • Hiding and unhiding slides
  • Deleting slides
  • Applying a different slide layout
  • Modifying individual slide backgrounds
  • Inserting slide headers, footers, and page numbers

Module 3: Modifying slides, handouts, and notes

  • Changing the slide master theme or background
  • Modifying slide master content
  • Creating a slide layout
  • Modifying a slide layout
  • Modifying the handout master
  • Modifying the notes master

Module 4: Ordering and grouping slides

  • Creating sections
  • Modifying slide order
  • Renaming sections

Module 5: Changing presentation options and views

  • Changing slide size
  • Changing views of a presentation
  • Setting file properties

Module 6: Configuring a presentation for print

  • Printing all or part of a presentation
  • Printing notes pages
  • Printing handouts
  • Printing in color, grayscale, or black and white

Module 7: Configuring and presenting a slide show

  • Creating custom slide shows
  • Configuring slide show options
  • Rehearsing slide show timing
  • Presenting a slide show by using Presenter View

Module 8: Inserting and formatting text

  • Inserting text on a slide
  • Applying formatting and styles to text
  • Applying WordArt styles to text
  • Formatting text in multiple columns
  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
  • Inserting hyperlinks

Module 9: Inserting and formatting shapes and text boxes

  • Inserting or replacing shapes
  • Inserting text boxes
  • Resizing shapes and text boxes
  • Formatting shapes and text boxes
  • Applying styles to shapes and text boxes

Module 10: Inserting and formatting images

  • Inserting images
  • Resizing and cropping images
  • Applying styles and effects

Module 11: Ordering and grouping objects

  • Ordering objects
  • Aligning objects
  • Grouping objects
  • Displaying alignment tools

Module 12: Insert and format tables

  • Creating a table
  • Inserting and deleting table rows and columns
  • Applying table styles
  • Importing a table

Module 13: Inserting and formatting charts

  • Creating a chart
  • Importing a chart
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Adding a legend to a chart
  • Changing the chart style of a chart

Module 14: Inserting and formatting SmartArt graphics

  • Creating SmartArt graphics
  • Converting lists to SmartArt graphics
  • Adding shapes to SmartArt graphics
  • Reordering shapes in SmartArt graphics
  • Changing the color of SmartArt graphics

Module 15: Inserting and managing media

  • Inserting audio and video clips
  • Configuring media playback options
  • Adjusting media window size
  • Setting the video start and stop time
  • Setting media timing options

Module 16: Applying slide transitions

  • Inserting slide transitions
  • Setting transition effect options

Module 17: Animating slide content

  • Applying animations to objects
  • Applying animations to text
  • Setting animation effect options
  • Setting animation paths

Module 18: Setting timing for transitions and animations

  • Setting transition effect duration
  • Configuring transition start and finish options
  • Reordering animations on a slide

Module 19: Merging content from multiple presentations

  • Inserting slides from another presentation
  • Comparing two presentations
  • Inserting comments
  • Reviewing comments

Module 20: Finalizing presentations

  • Protecting a presentation
  • Inspecting a presentation
  • Proofing a presentation
  • Preserving presentation content
  • Exporting presentations to other formats


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • Practical exercises will be proposed during and at the end of each module


  • This training prepares you for the MO-300 exam: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 /365
  • Exam voucher included in the course price

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  • Assessment of your level prior to training
  • Training provided by a certified trainer
  • Comprehensive documentation in digital format
  • Registration for the exam

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Du lundi au vendredi, de 8:30 à 18:00.


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