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Training: Successful Insights preference evaluation assessments

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We are often very good at analyzing the behavior of others, but we have more difficulty with ours: our eyes are turned to the wrong side. Thanks to the Insights Discovery personality profile, we can become aware of our personal preferences and facilitate our communication with others. Insights Discovery is an easy-to-understand, scientifically validated model that allows anyone, in any group, to increase their relational effectiveness in order to continue delivering measurable results.

The Insights Discovery profile is based on the work of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1921) and allows a person to be placed in one of the 72 positions of the model. This location describes the person precisely, in particular his strengths and potential weaknesses, the values ​​he brings to his team, his communication style and his possible blind spots. Additional modules shed light on the management style, sales performance, time management and even the learning style.

Participant profiles

  • Managers
  • HR who wish to carry out these personality tests in teams in order to improve the quality of communication and team management


  • Discovered his personal preferences and updated the main operations of the rest of the group
  • Worked on our way of adapting our communication for a better interpersonal relationship through dialogue
  • Identified the keys to our management style
  • Developed motivating and effective organizational strategies for all


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Based on the requests expressed by the organization or the participants, the following topics can be discussed:

  • Recognize the values and strengths of each person and what they bring to the group
  • Develop mutual trust and the ability to share leadership as needed
  • Identify barriers to dialogue (that is, what can annoy or even be the source of a conflict) and how to address them
  • Prepare an internal / external change or the arrival of a new colleague / manager


  • Digital courseware included

Complementary courses

Temptraining funding

ITTA is a partner of Temptraining, the continuing education fund for temporary workers. This training fund can subsidize continuing education for anyone who works for an employer subject to the Collective Work Agreement (CCT) Rental of services.
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Inclus dans ce cours
  • Training provided by a domain expert
  • Customized situational activities tailored to your challenges
  • Digital documentation and support materials
  • Achievement badge

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